The craft of acting is one of the most complicated to master. There have been thousands of books, countless classes, and endless workshops dedicated to exploring and understanding it, and most actors continue the process of ‘learning to act’ for their entire lives. But what separates a good actor from a truly great one? At Casting Frontier, our mission is to help people everywhere advance their acting career by offering an easy online portal to try out for auditions, casting calls, and other acting gigs all in one place – and if you’re trying to understand what makes an actor great, there are a few key points that come to mind. 

Commitment to LearningActress at the movie backstage memorizing her role with assistant

They say an artist’s work is never finished, and this is especially true with acting. Great actors treat learning their craft as a lifelong process, and they show incredible commitment to studying both the craft itself and topics outside of it. Great acting requires acute emotional intelligence, so in addition to studying craft, many great actors also study subjects like psychology, human behavior, anthropology – anything that helps them develop a greater understanding of their characters and their work. 

Energy & Charisma

While studying the craft is important, there are some parts of acting that are undeniably more innate. Some call it the “it” factor, some call it energy, some call it charisma, but whatever it is, most actors are genuinely enjoyable to watch and to be around. Great actors often have an energy that feels magnetizing to people, which makes every role pop. 


Finally, it’s important to remember that actors aren’t simply “good” and “bad.” Different styles and techniques come in and out of fashion over the years, and what makes for a gripping performance on film may seem minimal and boring on a stage. While some actors are stylistic comedians, many great actors focus on a particular style or type of acting and achieve greatness within that realm. 

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These qualities are often present in great actors, but the truth is, there’s no single right way to be a great actor: part of the craft is defining practice and a process for oneself. No matter where you are in that process, though, it’s important to keep working and auditioning for new acting roles. That’s where we come in. Our online platform lets you connect with real casting directors and submit your material to auditions and casting calls, completely online. Find your next big role: join our platform today!