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The Easy Way to Book A Talent

Need to find actors, actresses, models or influencers? With advanced search tools & the ability to schedule, record, edit, and share auditions, you can find a cast that isn’t just a match for your project—but a perfect fit that brings your project to life.

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Virtual Auditions™

No Casting Studio? No Problem.

  • Direct and record talent in real time as they audition from any device from any location.
  • Save time and money for you and your clients.
  • Test drive Virtual Auditions™ and request a demo with us today!

Watch Video

Watch Video

CF Cast

Self Taped Video Auditions

Casting Frontier believes there’s a much better way to approach talent casting. CF Cast provides casting directors & content creators with a simple way to invite talent to record and submit self-tape video auditions.

Host Auditions Anywhere, Anytime.

CF Cast streamlines the entire casting process, saving you time & money by eliminating the expense of hosting live auditions at expensive facilities and the need for talent to travel to your casting calls.

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Quickly Share & Edit An Audition

iSession Titanium™ 7.0

Our innovative software, iSession Titanium 7.0, allows you to:

  • Record, edit, upload and immediately share audition sessions with your clients and collaborators in HD.
  • Includes features such as
    • Titling
    • Transitions
    • Special effects
    • An auto-slate feature that slashes editing time.

You can do all of this with your tablet or smartphone over any WiFi or cellular network with iSession Mobile.

iSession Benefits

Save time with auto-slate quick editing
Supports all major video formats including HTML5, QuickTime, Flash, and Windows Media Player
Live video streaming directly to any device
Integrated digital size cards and casting logs

Remote Casting

Save Time & Expenses

Agencies, clients and producers can view & comment on any audition in real-time, from any location. Remote Cast allows your clients and team to review callbacks remotely as well as participate in the selection process from any location. Reduce costly expenses and save time with our fully integrated talent casting solutions.

CF Cloud

Audition Tape Archives & Selfie Features

With CF Cloud™, we automatically archive all of your audition sessions for unlimited and continual access. With our Selfie feature, you’ll always know a talent’s current look.

Cast Social Media Influencers

Looking to cast talent with a social media following?

We know that producers, agencies & brands ask casting to find models or influencers for their projects, so we’re here to help! With our social media feature, you can search for talent by follower counts across Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

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