About Casting Frontier

Our history is the future.

Casting Frontier has secured its place in the entertainment industry as the number one innovator of digital casting tools. Previously, casting directors used paper size cards, Polaroids, and couriers to ship audition tapes across the city or country. Actors needed to print stacks of expensive head shots and resumes to procure auditions. In 2006, Casting Frontier changed all of that with the launch of iSession™.

Using their years of experience in commercial casting and technology, Joey Rubenstein and Andreas Tompros created a revolutionary audition-uploading system that allows casting directors to streamline their workflow.

Building on that initial success, Casting Frontier has since developed into a complete casting solution, moving the entire process online and reducing the carbon footprint of the casting business.
It is also the first company to develop a comprehensive set of mobile casting and talent submission tools specifically designed for iOS and Android.

Casting Frontier joined Talent Systems™ portfolio of brands in 2020. Learn more about Talent Systems here.

Who we serve

We are proud to serve the entertainment casting industry in Los Angeles, New York and most major U.S. markets. Casting Frontier offers talent comprehensive digital profiles that look great, and give them the best possible chance to acquire acting jobs. We give casting directors and content creators cutting-edge digital recording, editing, scheduling and posting tools. And we empower talent agents and managers with full control over the maintenance of their rosters and unparalleled audition tracking.

Our services include creating and posting breakdowns and casting calls, scheduling and submitting talent, arranging and tracking auditions, real-time notifications and bookings. With our latest update of iSession, no other casting service can boast Casting Frontier’s capabilities, which include the recording, editing and sharing of auditions in high-definition, with quick upload and playback for production review, and the ability to bring your entire casting process to iPad, iPhone and Android devices.

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