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Nov 18, 2019

Netflix Documentary ‘Game Changers’ Advocates a Plant-Based Diet

It takes a tremendous amount of focus, determination, intelligence, clarity, and energy to become a working actor. The entertainment business is a competitive arena and an aspiring thespian needs every advantage available to master the craft and to succeed. It… Read More

Nov 17, 2019

Introducing Zack Gottsagen: Star of ‘The Peanut Butter Falcon’ and Actor with Down Syndrome

Move over Hollywood; there’s a new actor in town—one who exhibits contagious optimism, gives fresh and unpredictable performances, is eccentric to boot … and he has Down syndrome. Meet Zack Gottsagen, star of the heart-warming, crowd-pleasing indie The Peanut Butter… Read More

Kickstart Your Career
Nov 14, 2019

Eight Ways to Kick Start Your Acting Career

Here are 8 ways to kick-start your acting career. Whether you are just getting started or just in a rut, use these simple tips to get things moving! Take A New Acting Class If you’ve been sitting in the same… Read More

The Safety To Soar
Nov 13, 2019

The Safety To Soar

The terms, “let go,” and risk,” often get carelessly thrown around when it comes to acting and auditioning. However, both take a high functioning skill set and the confidence that such a skill set brings. They also take having a… Read More

Performing arts students Taking Singing Class At Drama College. Student Singing
Nov 12, 2019

How to Shine as an Understudy

At Casting Frontier, our mission is to help actors everywhere supercharge their careers by applying to auditions, castings, and other acting opportunities online at the touch of a button. But while every actor dreams of the lead role in a… Read More

Nov 12, 2019

Actors Who Were in the Military

Many famous actors served in the military before transitioning to stage and screen. What did they take from the military experience and how did it inform their acting? Here are four actors whose military paths differed greatly, but still their… Read More

Nov 10, 2019

Outcry After James Dean Is Cast in an Indie… 64 Years After His Death

It’s fair to say that actors are used to sought-after roles going to famous movie stars, but it’s probably a surprise to hear about a desirable part going to an iconic star who’s been deceased for over six decades. Talk… Read More

Nov 9, 2019

What to Say (and Not Say) to the Audition Session Director | ‘Bring It!’ Episode 27

In episode 27 of Casting Frontier’s Bring It! series, casting veteran James Levine and session director/actor Charles Carpenter spell out what not to say to the session director during an audition. James defines a session director as “the camera operator-director… Read More

Woman holding resume application for an auditionwith using tablet digital to job search on internet. applying for a job concept.
Nov 7, 2019

How to Fit Your Resume for the Audition

Your acting resume, along with your headshot, is one of the most important documents at your disposal for securing an acting job. It’s what casting directors will look at after an audition to keep you in memory and look over… Read More

Actor reading his scripts on stage
Nov 5, 2019

Most Important Thing Casting Directors Look For

At Casting Frontier, we’ve helped hundreds of actors apply for online auditions, casting calls, and acting job opportunities. Suffice it to say that we’ve seen a lot of auditions, both good and bad, and we’ve heard even more questions from… Read More

Nov 5, 2019

Dos and Don’ts at Auditions! | ‘Bring It!’ Episode 26

In episode 26 of Casting Frontier’s Bring It! series, casting veteran James Levine and session director/actor Charles Carpenter continue discussing ways to not eliminate yourself from getting a callback. Specifically, they share four things to avoid saying to the lobby assistant… Read More

Nov 4, 2019

Lance Reddick on the Injury that Led to a Career in Acting

Actor Lance Reddick is best known for his roles in The Wire, Fringe, and the John Wick trilogy. But early on, his goal was to become a working musician—not an actor. In this Off Camera interview, Reddick recalls the debilitating… Read More

Nov 3, 2019

Posture as an Integral Part of Acting

Is poor posture getting in the way of your acting? By strategically stretching and strengthening specific muscles, actors can improve their alignment, overall health, as well as their work as an actor. After all, a relaxed, strong, dynamic posture is… Read More

Oct 29, 2019

‘Chinatown’ Producer Robert Evans Dies at 89

The iconic Hollywood producer Robert Evans died Saturday night in Beverly Hills at the age of 89; no other details were immediately provided about his passing. Evans was the former Paramount Pictures production chief who oversaw a string of commercially… Read More

Oct 27, 2019

How to Get (and Not Get) Callbacks | ‘Bring It!’ Episode 25

In episode 25 of Casting Frontier’s Bring It! series, casting veteran James Levine and session director/actor Charles Carpenter show us three common ways actors sabotage their chances of getting a callback. After pinpointing the ill-fated moment when the audition takes… Read More

Oct 25, 2019

Cory Charron| Actor, Influencer, Battle Rapper |’The Curve’ Episode 27 (Part 2)

On Casting Frontier’s 27th episode of The Curve, Burgandi and Govind are back for Part 2 of their interview with Canadian actor, influencer, and epic battle rapper Corey Charron. Charron shares how he followed his passion to rap and, in… Read More