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May 27, 2020

How to Keep Your Singing (and VO) Voice in Shape

While you may stuck at home during this pandemic, there are a number of exercises you can practice to keep up your singing (and VO) voice in shape for your next audition. Do a very basic vocal warm up every… Read More

May 26, 2020

Listen to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Inspirational Commencement Address

It’s the time of year when inspirational commencement addresses abound. But let’s face it, some are better than others. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 2020 Snapchat Commencement Address on Overcoming—it’s certainly personal, powerful, and definitely worth a listen. Graduates who spent the… Read More

May 25, 2020

Production Adapts to COVID-19

With blockbusters on pause due to the novel coronavirus (The Batman, Mission Impossible 7) and a new batch of projects just waiting to be produced, filmmakers are scrambling to abandon their pre-COVID-19, carefree and convenient ways of assembling large numbers… Read More

May 24, 2020

Gavin Newsom to Announce Guidelines to Spur Production

California Gov. Gavin Newsom surprised many industry professionals when he recently announced he’d be revealing guidelines on May 25 to push film, TV, and commercial production back into action sooner rather than later. “I don’t care what Newsom says,” one… Read More

May 19, 2020

Michael Caine’s Advice to Not Give Up Too Early

Michael Caine wants to encourage actors not to give up on their acting aspirations too early. He’s certainly glad he kept himself in the game. In the April edition of Interview magazine, the unpredictable, edgy actress Aubrey Plaza was matched… Read More

May 18, 2020

Legendary Improv Actor Fred Willard Dies at Age 86

Comedic actor and improvisational legend Fred Willard died of natural causes on Friday, May 15 at the age of 86. The This Is Spinal Tap, Anchorman, and Modern Family actor was often cast in supporting roles, but for over five… Read More

May 17, 2020

Katee Sackhoff on Matching Her Physique to Her Character’s Body Type

Battlestar Galactica actress Katee Sackhoff is known for being able to exude both the strength and vulnerability in the characters she portrays, and she’s also recognized for capturing the unique physique of each of them. In her recent video titled… Read More

Allison Munn
May 15, 2020

Allison Munn of Netflix’s The Big Show Show On Comedy vs. Drama

Allison Munn of Netflix’s The Big Show Show is no stranger to the acting world. With a career spanning decades, Allison has performed on stage, television and film so is definitely versed to give us her perspective on comedy vs…. Read More

May 14, 2020

Meeting Casting Directors While Quarantined

During this quarantine, it’s easier than ever to get seen by a huge casting director. I feel a bit guilty offering exciting news when there are people dying. Bear with me, I’ll have the details in a moment. The show… Read More

May 12, 2020

Actresses who were told they weren’t ‘pretty enough’

Sometimes industry professionals, with all the emphasis on types, sound like high schoolers in the quad—ruthlessly assessing people’s appearances and being quick to label others. But just as teenagers grow up and realize that some people surprise you by growing… Read More

May 10, 2020

‘Architect of Rock ‘n’ Roll’ Little Richard Dies at the Age of 87

Richard Wayne Penniman, better known as Little Richard, died of bone cancer in Nashville over the weekend. He was 87 years old. Richard’s agent said the music icon passed with his brother and son by his side. The flamboyant, high-voltage… Read More

May 9, 2020

Nicolas Cage Cast as the Tiger King

It was announced this week that Nicolas Cage is set to play Tiger King’s Joe Exotic in a scripted eight-episode limited series. Cage will apparently serve as executive producer as well. Keep in mind, this is just an announcement and… Read More

May 5, 2020

Anthony Hopkins Gives Advice to Aspiring Actors

Who but Anthony Hopkins is perfectly suited to convincingly portray Pope Benedict XVI and the cannibalistic serial murderer Hannable Lecter from Silence of the Lambs. Indeed, the Welsh thespian is an acting treasure and has been over the course of… Read More

May 4, 2020

Broadway Star Nick Cordero Struggling After COVID-19

We’ve all heard stories of actors who’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 and survived. Take Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson; they scared fans when they fell ill with the potentially deadly disease. Although the Hollywood couple was hospitalized for five days… Read More

May 3, 2020

Making the Most of Virtual Auditions

With in-person auditions being put on hold for the foreseeable future and the casting process going digital, actors will want to be prepared to audition via our Virtual Audition feature or popular video conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Facetime or… Read More

Apr 28, 2020

How 20 Film Festivals and ‘American Idol’ Are Adapting to the Pandemic

As is so frequently stated these days: “We’re all in this together.” Well, being in the entertainment industry, actors, producers, directors, and crew members alike are suddenly finding themselves in the challenging position of needing to meet social distancing standards… Read More