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Feb 19, 2019

Reap the Benefits of Poetry Slams and Spoken-Word Events

Do you go out on auditions, involve yourself in theater, film, and TV productions every chance you get and are still looking for more opportunities to perform before audiences? If so, you might consider participating at open mic events held… Read More

Feb 18, 2019

Acceptance When Auditioning

A great audition requires you to be in complete command of yourself, your work, and the room. Accepting everything as it is in the present moment is key to having this kind of command. Acceptance is non-judgmental. You may not… Read More

Feb 16, 2019

Will Smith Explains Why He Passed on ‘The Matrix’

On his popular YouTube channel, Will Smith recently expressed regret for having turned down a pivotal film role in the mid-1990s. Specifically, the megastar passed on the opportunity to portray the computer programmer/hacker Neo in The Matrix; and thus, Keanu Reeves… Read More

Feb 15, 2019

Keep Leaping

Leap and the net will appear. You’ve heard this phrase if you’ve even considered pursuing a career in the arts. Teachers have been saying it for years. Actors, writers and dancers have been taping it to their mirrors since middle… Read More

Feb 12, 2019

Chris Hemsworth on Audition Nerves and Not Giving Up

The Avengers actor Chris Hemsworth has been described as the epitome of a man, movie star, and Hollywood hunk. But he seems to have a far more humble perception of himself. In a Men’s Health interview, the 35-year-old star opened… Read More

Feb 9, 2019

Michael Laskin on Actor Authenticity

Acting professionally for over 40 years has given Michael Laskin many insights into the entertainment industry, especially about the importance of authenticity. After all, he asserts, “It’s not show business; it’s human business.” Acting alongside Hollywood greats like Geena Davis,… Read More

Feb 4, 2019

Actor Crushes That Went Nowhere

Have you ever been cast alongside an actor with whom you had a giant crush? It’s not hard to imagine, especially as actors tend to be quite a charismatic bunch. Perhaps you had to rehearse with your heartthrob for a… Read More

Feb 2, 2019

NBC’s ‘Bring the Funny’ Open Casting Now

Calling all aspiring comedians. NBC is currently casting for their new comedy competition show Bring the Funny. “We are looking for the best of the best from every comedy genre worldwide,” it says on the Bring The Funny website. That… Read More

Jan 28, 2019

Elizabeth Olsen on Why She Loves to Audition

For many actors, auditioning is an unpleasant but necessary part of the business; they tolerate the judgemental ambiance and hopefully master the art of auditioning in the quest of landing desirable jobs. And then there’s Elizabeth Olsen who simply loves… Read More

Jan 26, 2019

Shia LaBeouf Receives Standing Ovation at Sundance for His Biopic ‘Honey Boy’

Shia LaBeouf’s world premiere of the indie biopic Honey Boy received a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival on Friday night. The Borg vs McEnroe actor wrote the screenplay while in rehab, basing it on his childhood and unstable… Read More

Jan 22, 2019

Jodie Foster Teaches Filmmaking in New MasterClass

Hollywood legend Jodie Foster is ready to share many valuable insights she’s learned over the course of 50 years in the entertainment industry with students via an online Masterclass. From the point of view of an actor-director, the two-time Academy… Read More

New Year's
Jan 21, 2019

New Year’s Fresh Start!

I don’t know about you, but I always love the start of the New Year. I look at it as a fresh start, a chance to create my goals again, newly and with renewed determination. No matter what happened last… Read More

Jan 19, 2019

Fitness Trainer Jason Walsh on Preparing Actors for Movies

When a big acting role calls for specific physical preparation with a fitness deadline, many celebrity actors call on movement expert Jason Walsh. The Los Angeles-based personal trainer is famous for whipping actors into shape and sculpting bodies in the… Read More

Jan 15, 2019

Can Meditation Improve Your Daily Life?

In this busy, multitasking world, it’s healthy to unplug and reset your mind every once in awhile. One way to do this is to set aside a few minutes a day to meditate. Meditation is a mental tool you can… Read More

Jan 15, 2019

Affirmation & Trust

Recently we came across an article in Science of the Mind magazine written by actor Glenn Morshower, where he said, “Choose to express at the highest level.” Both Peter and I feel that this phrase captures so much of how… Read More

Lady Gaga
Jan 15, 2019

Lady Gaga: From Fear of Auditioning to Award-Winning Acting Career

At the 24th annual Critics’ Choice Awards on Sunday night, Lady Gaga and Glenn Close tied in the best lead actress category for their performances in A Star Is Born and The Wife respectively. As the Edge of Glory singer… Read More