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Dec 16, 2017

Jonathan Groff and Karan Soni’s Last-minute Preparation Anxiety

The entertainment industry is riddled with last-minute scheduling, casting shuffles, and rewrites. This can present huge challenges to actors whose job it is to lay it all out on the line before audiences–ready or not! Take, for example, Jonathan Groff… Read More

Dec 15, 2017

How to share your accomplishments

How well do you share information about what is happening in your acting career? Do you play down your bookings and callbacks? Do you not mention them at all? Maybe you want to start being a little more competitive. I… Read More

Dec 14, 2017

Conscious Auditioning (pt. 1)

Auditioning is a solitary process. You receive your sides and read them alone. You do the work of exploring the material as well as your own emotional mapping to find the most interesting intersection between you and the character alone…. Read More

Do You Love to Act as Much as Jack Nicholson Does?
Dec 11, 2017

Do You Love to Act as Much as Jack Nicholson Does?

Do you love to act? I mean, do you really love to act? Do you act regardless of remuneration? Regardless of what’s going on in your life? Regardless of the earth and sky falling upon your head? Are you consistently… Read More

Gary Oldman Adds Winston Churchill to His Resume of Iconic Roles
Dec 8, 2017

Gary Oldman Adds Winston Churchill to His List of Iconic Roles

In 1986, Gary Oldman burst on the world of cinema like a supernova with his no-holds-barred portrayal of the doomed punk-rock superstar Sid Vicious in Alex Cox’s Sid and Nancy. Oldman’s commitment to the self-destructive bassist’s life story and confounding… Read More

Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler
Dec 4, 2017

Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler on Negative Reviews

Criticism, as defined by Webster’s Dictionary is, “The act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything.” Doesn’t sound too bad, right? Handleable. However, criticism can be a sticky wicket–so much so that both Jennifer Lawrence and Adam Sandler… Read More

Dec 1, 2017

Actress Meghan Markel Soon to Be Royal

There are a lot of weighty issues swirling around the collective consciousness these days, and plenty of issues to fixate upon. Geopolitical tension, global warming, cybercrime, allegations of sexual misconduct, and the list goes on. But one of the stories… Read More

Nov 27, 2017

Margot Robbie on the Struggle of Success

It may seem like stars and celebrities and the Hollywood elite have it all: personal trainers, chiropractors, nutritionists, drivers, yoga instructors, meditation guides, and more. Wow, it does seem like they have it all! But with all of that fame… Read More

Nov 26, 2017

Jake Gyllenhaal Finds Joy in the Process

Jake Gyllenhaal is celebrated for his many performances including the title role of Donnie Darko and his Oscar-nominated portrayal of Jack Twist in Brokeback Mountain. When Gyllenhaal takes on a role, he’s known to commit intensely to the character. This can include physical… Read More

Nov 20, 2017

Morgan Freeman on Working While Aspiring to Be an Actor

“I was always ambitious. I always wanted to be more than I was…. I always wanted to be a movie actor.” –Morgan Freeman Beloved actor, producer, and narrator Morgan Freeman is celebrated for his prominent career along with his distinctive,… Read More

Nov 17, 2017

Helen Mirren Teaches Acting in Masterclass

In early 2018, British actress Helen Mirren will be teaching the craft of acting in an online Masterclass. Mirren is one of the few performers to achieve the Triple Crown of Acting. That is, she earned an Academy Award for Best… Read More

Nov 16, 2017

Reasons Actors Sabotage Their Careers (and How to Avoid it)

Whether you are auditioning for a role or you have booked the job, there are many ways to get in your own way, but the bottom line is, when you strip out all the layers of self-sabotage, at the core… Read More

Nov 15, 2017

The Three Pillars of Comedy (Part 3 of 3)

THE UNPREDICTABLE Storyline – The element of surprise is at the heart of any successful sitcom. In terms of storyline, the unpredictable is what keeps us laughing out loud and tuning in week after week. We know the character will… Read More

Nov 13, 2017

Matthew McConaughey on Balancing Preparation and Spontaneity

Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey is celebrated for his performances in many films including Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street, and Interstellar. The Texas star is now 48 years old and has clearly harnessed his talent, skillset, and… Read More

Nov 11, 2017

Frances McDormand Embraces Her Face

Frances McDormand is receiving critical acclaim for her “unforgettable” and “fascinating” performance in the dark comedy Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri which is currently out in theaters. In it, she plays Mildred Hayes, an outraged grieving mother seeking justice after… Read More

Nov 7, 2017

Tom Holland’s ‘Spider-Man’ Audition Tapes

English actor Tom Holland starred as a 15-year-old Peter Parker AKA Spider-Man who’s motivated to become an Avenger in Spider-Man: Homecoming. In this video, portions of Holland’s audition tapes give us a glimpse of the hard work and persistence that… Read More