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Mar 31, 2020

Casting Professionals Share Their Tips on Self-Tapes

Self-tapes have gained tremendous momentum in the last few years, and with the coronavirus pandemic shifting workloads online, they’re bound to become the norm, at least for the time being. While many actors have dedicated themselves to mastering the various… Read More

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Mar 30, 2020

How to Get a Job in Broadway Casting

Working as a Broadway or Off-Broadway casting director is quite possibly one of the most difficult jobs in the business. Casting directors work long hours holding audition after audition and then normally have more administrative work after their theater auditions… Read More

Mar 30, 2020

England Adapts to the Hardships of the Coronavirus

As the entertainment industry is shut down across the United States in attempts to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus cases, people living across the pond are likewise struggling to adapt to the new reality of social distancing as it pertains… Read More

Mar 29, 2020

The Casting Society of America, SAG-AFTRA, and Central Casting Release Statements During COVID-19 Outbreak

The growing concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the shutdown of the movie and television industry across the nation. Casting, which normally involves lobbies full of performers who wait their turn to audition, has taken an enormous blow… Read More

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Mar 26, 2020

When to Say Yes & No to an Acting Job

At Casting Frontier, we strive to work with actors who do not have representation or actors without an agent. We want to give them the tools to build a successful resume, appropriate headshots, and be offered the acting parts they… Read More

Mar 24, 2020

Jordan Grubb Produces ‘One Day More’—A Quarantined Lip-Sync’ Featuring Broadway Performers

When there’s so much grief in the news presently, leave it to Broadway performers to find a way to bring a smile to the faces of homebound individuals across the nation. As the number of people afflicted with COVID-19 climbs,… Read More

Mar 22, 2020

The U.S. Entertainment Industry Takes Hard Knocks Due to COVID-19 Fears

The U.S. entertainment industry continues to be impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, as productions, studios, and theaters come to a halt across the nation. Netflix stopped the production of all its series and films in the U.S. and Canada; shows… Read More

Mar 20, 2020

‘Lost’ Actor Daniel Dae Kim Tests Positive for Coronavirus

On Thursday, Lost actor Daniel Dae Kim made the following announcement on his Instagram and Twitter accounts: “I wanted to let you know that yesterday I tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus.” While quarantined at his… Read More

Mar 17, 2020

Actors Reveal Which Wardrobe and Prop Items They Took Home

Movie studios and producers are deliberate about what happens to the iconic costumes and props featured in their films once the shoot wraps. Many times, items are meticulously documented, boxed up, and stored as the productions’ accounting departments track them… Read More

Mar 16, 2020

Hollywood, USA

Actors live all over the United States and abroad these days and some make a serious attempt at booking acting work in film and television. How do you increase your odds of being one of them? Keep reading. No matter… Read More

Mar 15, 2020

Guilty-Pleasure Shows to Watch in Quarantine

While shooting Baz Luhrmann’s upcoming film Elvis in Australia, Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson contracted COVID-19, and both are currently hunkering down in a state of quarantine. As a result, Rita created a playlist for all who are… Read More

Mar 15, 2020

Enjoying It More Than Ever | Acting Goals Part 1

I love actors. Most of my friends are actors. They’re ballsy, they’re nuts, creative, curious, and their craft is all the emotions that make us human. But here’s the problem with people who love to pretend. They fool themselves. On… Read More

Mar 14, 2020

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Reach Out to Fans While Quarantined

In an Instagram post, actor Tom Hanks surprised the world last week when he announced he and his wife, actress Rita Wilson, have been diagnosed with COVID-19. “Hello, folks,” the Forrest Gump star wrote. “Rita and I are down here… Read More

Mar 8, 2020

SXSW Film Festival Cancelled Due to COVID-19 Concerns

The city of Austin along with county officials canceled its South by Southwest March events this year in the wake of concerns about the novel coronavirus. The annual film, music, and tech festival had been scheduled for March 13-22 this… Read More

Mar 7, 2020

Edward Norton’s Breakthrough Role Made Possible by a Fax Machine

Presented annually by the Casting Society of America, the Artios Awards celebrate excellence in casting film, television, and theater. This year at the 35th Artios ceremony, Casting Director Deborah Aquila (La La Land, Shawshank Redemption, Dexter, and Sex, Lies, and… Read More

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Mar 5, 2020

Tips For Actors to Increase Social Media Followings

In the old days, the key to success in the acting business was craft, luck, and charisma – but these days, Instagram is just as important as anything else on that list. Social media has become an essential part of… Read More