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The terms, “let go,” and risk,” often get carelessly thrown around when it comes to acting and auditioning. However, both take a high functioning skill set and the confidence that such a skill set brings. They also take having a way of preparing that creates a safe emotional environment. After all, you can only risk and let go when your mind and body feel safe enough to do so.

Here are three suggestions on how to generate the safety needed so that you are able to soar in your next audition.

Work in the Present:

When you start work on your piece, it’s a good idea to be relaxed, alert and energized. These feelings make the body feel secure and strong. Also, make sure that you are grounded in the present moment. Thoughts of fear and anxiety usually exist when thinking about the future, (“Is this what they want?” “If I get this job, I can afford to move.” “I have to impress my agent.” And so on.) The present moment holds only possibilities. So, it’s useful to literally come back to the present moment physically, by feeling your butt in your seat and your feet on the floor. When the body feels rooted, the mind calms and comes back into the present. Breathe deeply and feel the safety of possessing all of your creative power in the only moment that is real – this one.

Work with the Body 

The body contains all of the emotional information you’ll ever need. It has stored the actual feelings of everything that has ever happened to you in its muscles, tissues and even cells. To access these emotions is to explore how they literally feel in the body. The body is also a safe place to work emotionally. It has no agenda or judgement and will simply offer you the pure feelings. In addition, you’ll see that these sensations pass, no matter how intense the emotion, so that you can explore freely without fear of getting lost in the emotion.  These honest and powerful emotions will now live in the piece without you getting stuck in a dangerous emotional place in real life.

Step out of the Thought Stream

Nothing can make you feel more unsafe than the stories and thoughts of the mind. Simply feeling rage in the body feels powerful and safe until the mind pops in and tells you that rage is bad, you’re out of control and you should calm down. Or if you’re exploring happiness, here comes the story of not being worthy of true happiness, etc. The mind has little to offer this process other than judgement and limitation.  The answer to the mind is awareness. When the thoughts and stories arise, be aware of the fact that they are just thoughts and stories – not the truth – breathe and return to the safety and honesty of the body and heart.

The more the mind thinks, the less the heart can influence.  Calming the mind by focusing on the body in the present moment, allows the heart to feel safe enough to defend itself. Now you are ready to the fun, risky and expansive work that gets the job.



Craig WallaceCraig Wallace’s background in script development combined with his 16 years of coaching actors enables him to find the job getting moments that others miss. His expertise in breaking down text and years of coaching experience has made him “L.A.’s go to private coach.” Sign up for his group or private classes at