Occam’s razor asserts that all other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best one. This itself may be an oversimplification, but the inductive inference is important. For instance, if there was one thing you could do that would definitely enhance your acting career, would you do it? Don’t speak too quickly as many aspiring actors miss this very simple, but essential element of the game. And that is to heed Occam’s logic and get your headshots up to date! Headshots are the number one way an actor procures career opportunities. Period. And yet many actors are content to roll their dice on the table of fate. Maybe you’ve already got shots that seem good enough, and you can always apologize if casting professionals notice these pics don’t accurately reflect your current look. This is not wise. You don’t want to start off your audition apologizing—now you have two strikes against you, and you haven’t even had your first take yet. Also, Casting Directors work from an online database of actor photos. They peruse literally thousands of pictures a day in search of ripe talent. Digital headshots are like keys to a car. They have the power to get you rolling. Let’s face it, we are working in a visual medium, and the powers that be need to see your image and trust what they’re seeing is what they’re getting. According to Occam’s razor, it’s really that simple.


So, before updating your headshots, have fun with it! Allow yourself some freedom to reinvent your image. If you’ve been meaning to dye your hair, go for a new coif, grow a mustache, or drop a size, that’s the time. This simple step can reinvigorate your career.