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This should be the top feel-good article of the month for the working actor! 

Going back many decades, since the beginning of its conception, PILOT SEASON has revolved specifically around episodic shows being shot, picked up and aired exclusively on one of a few established network stations available at that time. Networks such as ABC, CBS and NBC – and only union actors had even a remote chance of landing one of those pilot shows. 

That’s no longer the case!

With the advent, development and growth of streaming platforms such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO and so many others that seem to be continually springing up, there are now literally hundreds if not thousands (if you include YouTube programing) of shows available to viewers. And because of the ever-popular demand of binge-watching, this list keeps growing like a wild, out of control, weed garden!

The one thing all of these shows need is actors! Literally thousands of talented, skilled, ready-to-go working actors! And not all of these shows require union actors. There’s more work available now for non-union actors then there has been since the union was first birthed back in the nineteen thirties’! It’s truly the wild-wild-west out there once again!

Here’s something else to consider. The ratio of pilot shows being shot to the number of shows being aired is astronomically higher! This year we can easily expect that there will be somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand pilot episodes shot – by independent filmmakers, streaming-platforms and pop-up studios, as well as the established elite networks.

Now, think about this! Even if there were only five characters in each show (which is certainly not the case, as there are so many more), do the math! We’re talking thousands and thousands of character roles! Pilot season feeds on actors… heaps and heaps of skilled, performance level talented actors!

This can all seem very hopeful and exciting to the ears of the aspiring actor (as I stated at the very beginning of this article); however, most of these shows will not be casting actors who can’t deliver. Pilot season is incredibly competitive. Even the seasoned actor needs to be at the top of their game. So, instead of having to experience the dreaded FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), make yourself camera ready!

If you’re not already in one, now is the time to get in class! Get your instrument working, dialed in and tuned up to performance level. Make sure all of your marketing materials (headshots, resume, website and online resources) are in place and up to date. Don’t make travel plans until after April. Keep your head in the game, your eyes on the ball… you get it! Build momentum and stay focused. If you put your ALL in now, you just may land yourself a recurring – or better yet – series regular!

Clay Banks is a former Fortune 500 Business & Life Empowerment Coach, a Motivational Speaker and Consultant. After a successful eighteen year acting career, he founded Clay Banks Productions & Studio International (CBSI) where he’s the Head Coach offering ongoing on-camera acting classes. He’s presently a recurring Master Coach at SAG-AFTRA Headquarters as well as a regular-guest Master Class Auditioning Coach with the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Hollywood.

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