Every hustler knows … the hustle never ends.

Kevin James is a household name and one of the most successful comics in the world. He starred in the hit sitcom The King of Queens for nine seasons, and he has 36 acting credits on IMDb. His film roles include box-office bonanzas like I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, The Dilemma, Zookeeper, which he wrote and produced as well, and the MMA-themed Here Comes the Boom. Through his steady work and tremendous success, James is said to be worth over a hundred million dollars. 

In the epoch of a COVID-19 shutdown, you’d think it might be time for old Kev to sit back and take a breather; enjoy the fruits of his success. Ya know, wait for the entertainment industry to get back in gear. But you would be wrong. Kevin has not let the current paralysis in the movie-making game slow him down. In fact, the girthy fellow seems to be more focused and ambitious than ever before. 

The former King of Queens has embarked on a YouTube adventure that is really lighting up the internet. For the last five months, Kevin has been posting a short film a week, often focusing on the dilemmas of isolation in the age of quarantine and savagely satirizing pop culture. And it’s both inspiring and a bit perplexing that Kevin’s videos eschew foul language as well as gratuitous sex and violence, yet they manage to be entertaining, engaging, even poignant, and at times heartwrenching. The man is a comedy machine churning out unpredictable and side-splitting content to rival SNL, The Comedy Channel, and Netflix. The writing and the acting is first-rate and the execution is just plain exceptional. 

Kevin James’ movies, many of which have been critically panned, have over-performed at the box office and afforded the affable guy a very nice lifestyle. So, he certainly doesn’t need YouTube’s remuneration, which is most likely nominal at 598 subscribers, but regardless, he marches forward blazing a new path in a digital world. Judging by the accomplished production value of James’ videos, it’s safe to say he isn’t covering his costs through ad revenue, but what he does get is a chance to express himself in a creative and innovative manner and to promote his comedy and his brand on a flourishing platform with enormous potential for growth.

One of the most popular and indeed iconic roles on the official YouTube channel of actor and comedian Kevin James is that of the “Sound Guy.” James plays a Hollywood boom operator who finds himself running sound on some of the biggest and most influential movies of all time, including There Will Be Blood, Star Wars, I Am Legend, Joker, Braveheart, and many more! Kevin plays the hapless sound guy with such guileless charm and earnest execution, you forget he is actually acting. Truly hilarious stuff. But the technological prowess of seamlessly inserting James into these classic films is a unique and awe-inspiring achievement in and of itself. Sound Guy is a masterclass of photographic imaging, color correction, color grading, and lighting. Kevin seems to have spared no expense as it pertains to the high-tech quality and imaginative shimmer of his various skits, and we’re all the better for it.

A husky lifelong Knicks, Jets, and Mets fan, James has found a way to continue to flex his creative muscles despite much of traditional production being shut down. So, the question is: Are you any less than Kevin James? He’s a tremendously talented comedian and actor for sure, but aren’t you talented and amazing your own self? Don’t you have vision and ideas that will astound and amaze the quarantined masses? Of course, you do. However, it’s quite another thing to apply your talents and gifts to deliver concrete content in an inhospitable entertainment landscape. But guess what? You were meant to do this—just as Kevin James was meant to make people laugh and to entertain the sequestered in the dark ages of the 21st century.