On this episode of Casting Frontier’s The Curve, Burgandi and Govind sit down with CF’s Member of the Month Jack Curenton. Each month, Casting Frontier celebrates a member who impressively represents a proactive and committed spirit in pursuit of his or her acting dreams. Curenton is certainly such an actor; he boasts a long and dedicated career—and he never lets up! Curenton has representation, he self-submits, produces his own work, and works nonstop!

Giving us a glimpse of his daily routine, Curenton says he wakes up early and visits online sites like Casting Frontier to search for opportunities to promote himself. “I’m also constantly on social media reaching out to casting directors, directors, producers, other actors to simply say, ‘Hi, remember me? We worked together,’ or ‘Can we work together again?’ Because it’s always important to reach out and find people that you can make friends with—because that’s what it’s all about—or people you can collaborate with at one point or another,” he reveals.

Among the commercials roles he’s booked through Casting Frontier are a Super Bowl commercial as well as one he landed through casting veteran James Levine. Curenton recalls the day Levine urged him to drop everything and come audition for a part “that’s yours to lose.” In turn, Curenton landed a job playing Attorney Mike di Lupo for Hi-Fi Klubben in Denmark. When the commercial went viral, he was asked to return the following year, and the subsequent commercial ended up being shown on TV, movie theaters, as well as point-of-purchase sales signs in stores. On top of that, Jack was allotted an eleven-day trip to Europe! 

One never knows what kind of character Curenton will portray next. Indeed, his commercial roles include an accordion player, a magician, a blind man, an acting coach, a sea captain, and an old miner.

Curenton shares an audition secret with Burgandi and Govind—one that makes him stand out among the competition. That is, he deliberately alters the script in some way in order to give a performance that’s a bit unexpected. He explains, “I always put a brand in—something different because I want them at two o’clock in the morning to say, ‘I really liked what he did,’ or, ‘Why the heck did he do that?!’ But they remember me. So, a lot of people come back to me one or two or three years later saying, ‘Can we cast you for this?’ ‘But we’d like you to come in and read for that.’” 

Coming from a successful background in sales, Curenton understands the business aspect of show business. “I’m selling the most important product I ever had—me!” he says. “If you don’t understand it’s a business, you will be out of business. So you have to treat it like one. You have to be professional. And when you’re dealing with casting directors, directors, producers—anybody in the industry—it’s more important that they like you.”

To keep a steady work pace, Curenton produces his own projects when time allows. One noteworthy example is the charming and well-executed Star Wars fan film called Star Wars: Generations. He both co-produced and starred in the short film, and it went on to win the 2016 Lucasfilm Spirit of Fandom Award. You’ve got to watch it!

Make sure to visit Jack E. Curenton’s Youtube channel here

Becoming a “CF Member of the Month”

Casting Frontier and Action Casting invite CF members to create self-tapes to be considered for Member of the Month. In turn, one member per month will receive a one-year CF Premium subscription and get a paid gig to boot. Our congratulations to Jack Curenton this month! We can’t wait to see what you do next in your career. And we’re excited to see which talented actor will be featured next time around.

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