“Sometimes I wonder what I’m gonna do, there ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.” –The Who

So, what are your plans for the summer? River rafting in Colorado? Touristing in Milan? Spending days by a friend’s pool baking to that perfect bronze hue? Traditional wisdom suggests the dog days are a slow time in the industry, so might as well kick back and enjoy the sun and surf, right? Well, that’s all well and good for those who aspire to an endless summer, but for those worthy few willing to sacrifice to succeed, it’s wise to keep busy!

Theatre is a great way to hone your craft and add to your experience during the summer months. Summer Stock holds a rich tradition in this country; producing organizations are always looking for new faces and new energy to ensure their productions stand out (AKA “star vehicles”). That’s your queue to step in! Enter stage left…or right…just go and get involved! Summer Stock normally puts up a number of shows in a short period of time, so there is plenty of opportunity if you’re willing to brave the heat, the bugs, the pollen, not to mention the lack of remuneration! But always remember, you are taking valuable steps and making your bones. Every production you complete is a step toward your dream. Overnight fame usually takes many years of preparation.

Countless successful actors have participated in summer stock. Denzel Washington is one such actor who performed in summer stock theater early in his career. Soon thereafter, he was starring as the grapes in the Fruit of the Loom commercials–and the rest of his distinguished career is history!

Big time studio producers and directors have been known to summer in the Hamptons or St. Tropez; that’s precisely why independent filmmakers typically use the summer months to produce their brooding masterworks. Budding auteurs have to pay the rent during busy periods, working as PA’s, PM’s, best boys, graphic artists, etc. So when the vacation season hits, they finally have the opportunity to bring life to their mind-bending creations. So be on the lookout for all manner of independent film–low-budget, micro-budget, no budget at all! It doesn’t matter. As long as you can grow and shine, it will be a magical summer.