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Oct 14, 2019

Goodbye to Oscar-Nominated Actor Robert Forster

The prolific and charismatic character actor Robert Forster passed away on Friday at his Los Angeles home surrounded by family members. After a brave battle with brain cancer, he died at the age of 78. Forster received critical acclaim for… Read More

Oct 13, 2019

Corey Charron | Actor, Influencer, Battle Rapper | ‘The Curve’ Episode 26

On Casting Frontier’s 26th episode of The Curve, Burgandi and Govind interview Canadian actor, influencer, and epic battle rapper Corey Charron. Charron who discusses how he started as a rapper and how he blew up on social media. Charron was… Read More

Oct 7, 2019

Backlash After Martin Scorsese Compares Marvel Movies to Theme Parks

Well the gloves have come off ever since Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese said Marvel movies are “not cinema” during an interview with Empire magazine.  “I don’t see them. I tried, you know? But that’s not cinema,” the Mean Streets director… Read More

Oct 6, 2019

3 Horror Movie Sequels Worth Watching

Holiday gifts are on the store shelves already, not to mention Thanksgiving-related items. But what about the darkness before the dawn? What about Halloween? We have the better part of a month to indulge the darkness that lurks within the… Read More

Sep 30, 2019

Actors Whose Childhood Dream Was to Become an Actor

Did you always know you wanted to become an actor? Perhaps when you were a child, you were certain that everything else in life would take a backseat to your one true love. If so, here are some of your… Read More

Sep 30, 2019

Selena Gomez’s Speech on Mental Health at McLean Awards

For years, Selena Gomez has bravely shared her mental health struggles with the public, and this month, the actress singer was honored with the 2019 McLean Award for raising awareness about depression and anxiety.  Each year, the McLean Hospital honors… Read More

Sep 27, 2019

The Depiction of Violence in ‘Joker’ Stirs Controversy

With the much-anticipated release of Todd Phillips’ Joker just around the corner, some of the family members of the victims of the 2012 Aurora theater massacre are stepping forward. They’re being interviewed by media outlets after signing an open letter to… Read More

Sep 23, 2019

Rising Star Phoebe Waller-Bridge Dominates the Comedy Awards at the 71st Emmys

Fleabag actress and creator Phoebe Waller-Bridge certainly had her hands stuffed with Emmy statuettes on Sunday night. At the 71st annual Primetime Emmy Awards, the rising star earned three trophies for her work on the British comedy-drama. She won Outstanding Lead… Read More

Sep 22, 2019

Bryan Cranston’s Epiphany That Changed His Career

Earlier this year, Bryan Cranston shared an “epiphany” he had in his 30s that transformed his acting career. During an interview with Variety, the Breaking Bad actor shared an important shift in his mindset as it pertained to auditions and… Read More

Sep 15, 2019

Felicity Huffman Sentenced to 14 Days in Prison

At a Boston courthouse on Friday, American Crime star Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days in prison for paying $15,000 to have her eldest daughter’s SAT scores secretly inflated by a Harvard graduate. Huffman is the first parent to… Read More

Sep 10, 2019

Renee Zellweger’s Portrayal of Judy Garland in ‘Judy’ Garners Oscar Buzz

Academy Award-winning actress Renee Zellweger is leaving audiences stunned by her transformational performance as the late Judy Garland in the biopic Judy. In fact, many are listing her as a leading contender for an Oscar nod. While the film had… Read More

Sep 9, 2019

Upcoming Streaming Wars on the Horizon

The streaming giant Netflix will be facing considerably more competition as upcoming video-on-demand services will soon be flooding the marketplace. Indeed, research projects massive growth in the streaming industry through 2024. In turn, it seems likely that performers will see… Read More

Sep 7, 2019

Mac ‘Glitzy’ Roberts, Casting Frontier ‘Member of the Month’ | ‘The Curve’ Episode 22

On the 22nd episode of Casting Frontier’s The Curve, Burgandi and Govind interview CF’s latest Member of the Month, Mac “Glitzy” Roberts. Mac describes how one audition acquired through Casting Frontier led to him becoming a social media influencer overnight, and… Read More

Sep 2, 2019

Brit Marling of ‘The OA’ on Auditioning in Los Angeles and Creating Her Own Material

Aspiring actress Brit Marling went from having no agent or manager, armed with a “funky headshot” with virtually no resume to eventually co-creating, writing, and starring in the Netflix series The OA. In an Off Camera Show interview, she describes… Read More

Aug 18, 2019

‘Easy Rider’ Star Peter Fonda Dies at 79 Following a Battle with Lung Cancer

Two-time Oscar nominee Peter Fonda, best known for playing Wyatt in the 1969 counterculture film Easy Rider, died on Friday, August 16th. He passed away at his home in Los Angeles surrounded by family after suffering respiratory failure due to… Read More