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As a casting director, finding the perfect actor for the part can sometimes be a daunting task. That being said, when a casting director knows they’ve done their job well, the industry takes notice, and the award nominations start rolling in.

But what if the movie the casting director is working on is about their life?

Our sister platform Casting Networks decided to turn the tables.

In various articles interviewing casting directors, Casting Networks asks guests who they would cast to play them in a film adaptation of their lives.

From those articles, we pulled four 2023 Emmy-nominated casting directors who cast themselves in their hypothetical biopics. And their answers range from uncanny to off the wall.

Bernie Telsey: Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, Only Murders in the Building

Am I just supposed to throw out a name like George Clooney and move on? [Laughs] I honestly have no idea. This seems like something I would have been asked in the past, but it’s not. I’ve had people make the connection to Gene Wilder — God rest his soul — so I guess my answer would be a younger Gene Wilder. I like to think of myself as an accessible and happy person, which relates to his work in Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory, for example.

Jennifer Rudnicke: Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, The Bear

It’s definitely not something I normally think about or could easily answer. But my business partner and amazing co-workers have told me that I’m like Lisa Kudrow. My husband, on the other hand, thinks I am more of a Laura Linney. I’m honored by both of the comparisons — I’d take either!

Victoria Thomas: Outstanding Casting for a Drama Series, The Last of Us

In an aspirational way, I would love to have Regina King play me because she’s just so fantastic. In an action film, it would’ve been the great Diana Rigg, based on her work in The Avengers series. For a comedy, it would’ve been Thelma Ritter.

Wendy O’Brien: Outstanding Casting for a Comedy Series, Abbott Elementary; Outstanding Casting for a Limited or Anthology Series or Movie – Weird: The Al Yankovic Story)

I guess it would be Laura Dern, only because I get told all the time that I look like her. We were watching Jurassic World Dominion the other night as a family, and my kids pointed it out. They were like, “That’s creepy.” Even my husband looked over at one point and said the resemblance was uncanny. I don’t see it, but I get the comparison frequently. I guess she and I have aged together, though, so I’ve gotten it through all the different stages of my life. But, she is the queen, so …

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