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Young Spanish woman in front of a wood wall thinking.
Sep 13, 2023

Casting Directors Share What They Might Do if They Chose a Different Career

Casting directors love what they do, from viewing auditions to collaborating with directors. And even when we enjoy our jobs, we may sometimes wonder about what alternative paths our careers and lives could have taken. Our sister site Casting Networks… Read More

Acting coach Amy Lyndon posing and smiling at home.
Sep 5, 2023

Acting Coach Amy Lyndon Shares ‘Lyndon Technique’ Tips and More

Looking to improve your booking ratio? Amy Lyndon, founder of the Lyndon Technique, has been doing just that for actors for years. The multifaceted acting/booking coach has worked as a performer —with more than 100 IMDB credits to her name—… Read More

A casting director walking into a room of actors rehearsing.
Aug 18, 2023

Emmy-Nominated Casting Directors Cast Themselves in Their Biopics

As a casting director, finding the perfect actor for the part can sometimes be a daunting task. That being said, when a casting director knows they’ve done their job well, the industry takes notice, and the award nominations start rolling… Read More

A happy Asian actress meeting with casting directors smiling and shaking hands.
Jul 28, 2023

Four Casting Directors Share Audition Advice and Audition Mistakes Actors Should Avoid

Whether you’re in the room or submitting a self tape from home, the audition process can be stressful. And although you’re making sure you hit your mark and deliver a strong performance, there’s a chance you’ve made a mistake without… Read More

A diverse group of actors waiting to audition. Two are high-fiveing.
Jul 24, 2023

Casting Directors Share the Moment They Knew They Belonged in Casting

Many casting directors found their way into the entertainment industry through unconventional means. Others knew that this was what they wanted to do from a very young age. At some point, they all felt a connection to show business and… Read More

Krysten Ritter, who had a negative acting school experience.
Jul 12, 2023

Krysten Ritter and Gillian Jacobs’ Negative Acting School Experiences

As actors dedicate themselves to studying the craft of acting, it’s important to note that not all classes are the best match for everyone. What may feel like a supportive learning environment for some aspiring actors may feel like just… Read More

actress Vanessa Kirby describes her giving birth scene in 'Pieces of a Woman'
Aug 1, 2021

Vanessa Kirby on the Giving-Birth Scene in ‘Pieces of a Woman’

Pieces of a Woman centers on a powerful and intimate 26-minute birth scene filmed in one continuous take. Indeed, the whole film depends on getting that birthing scene just so. Vanessa Kirby portrays the young woman Martha who goes into… Read More

Actress Ilana Levine gives us tips and advice on her 'Little Known Facts' podcast.
Jun 7, 2021

Ilana Levine of Little Known Facts Podcast: Make the Thing You Love

With a quarter of a century in show business and hundreds of interviews under her belt, Ilana Levine took her career to the next level by starting her podcast, Little Known Facts. Little Known Facts shares an endless amount of… Read More

Are You Afraid of the Dark actor Actor Parker Queenan discusses how booking requires patience.
Jun 1, 2021

Actor Spotlight Parker Queenan: Booking a Role Requires Patience

Parker Queenan takes more than just one bite out of show business. At 19 years old, not only is he on the popular Nickelodeon show Are You Afraid of the Dark: Curse of the Shadows but, he’s written, produced, and… Read More

Alyshia Ochse shares some great sotries on the podcast 'That One Audition'.
May 1, 2021

Podcast Spotlight: Alyshia Ochse from ‘That One Audition’

Alyshia Ochse of “That One Audition” podcast brings her audience a comprehensive advantage to auditioning, self-tape, and even life itself. The best part about “That One Audition” is that you can even listen to it on the road! Alyshia Ochse… Read More

Apr 6, 2021

The Actors Lounge Podcast Shares Precautions an Actor Should Take on Set

Being an actor on a professional set can be overwhelming. There are things to know and ways to conduct yourself. The Actors Lounge podcast is here to help!   Mel V, the host, conducts industry interviews and gives advice to… Read More

Apr 5, 2021

Meet ‘Minari’ Actor Alan S. Kim

People are falling in love with eight-year-old acting sensation Alan S. Kim. During the summer before entering second grade, Alan portrayed the Mountain Dew-drinking, cowboy boot-adorned David Yi, the son of an immigrant farmer in Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari. The… Read More

Apr 1, 2021

Herizen Guardiola: It’s Not About the Destination, It’s About the Journey

Musician and actress Herizen Guardiola started out in the entertainment business as a teenager and has continued to nourish her career over the years. You’ll most recently recognize Herizen from Netflix’s cheerleading series Dare Me and the Starz hit series… Read More

Mar 29, 2021

‘Courier’ Actor Benedict Cumberbatch on Strenuous Role Preparation

Benedict Cumberbatch described the “horrible” process of losing 21 pounds for his role in The Courier. While the dramatic weight loss left him feeling “very vulnerable,” it helped him emotionally prepare for the strenuous role.   The Role The British… Read More

Mar 16, 2021

Casting Director Spotlight: Lori Lewis of FreeSpirit Casting

To celebrate Women’s History Month, Casting Frontier spoke with the influential casting director, Lori Lewis on her profession, mantras to live by, what she would like to achieve in this new ‘age’ of virtual auditions, and much more. Keep reading… Read More