On the 22nd episode of Casting Frontier’s The Curve, Burgandi and Govind interview CF’s latest Member of the Month, Mac “Glitzy” Roberts. Mac describes how one audition acquired through Casting Frontier led to him becoming a social media influencer overnight, and it brought him many job opportunities to boot. Each month, Casting Frontier celebrates a member who impressively represents a proactive and committed spirit in pursuit of his or her creative dreams, and Mac fits the bill!

Mac’s passion is his music. As the singer Mac Glitzy, he combines pop-punk vocals with emo trap. His music video collection includes the songs “So Over You” and “Too Young,” as well as his most ambitious production to date “Teach You Right” which will be released on Youtube on September 20th. Mac Glitzy’s music explores themes of heartbreak, 21st-century dating, empowerment, as well as aspects of mental health. 

Originally from a small town in West Virginia, Mac moved to Los Angeles in 2015 at the age of 19. While going on auditions, he noticed casting kept asking how many followers he had garnered. Realizing he needed to put some effort into building a social media presence, Mac started posting playful, colorful, and stylized photos of himself in glamorous makeup wearing a variety of gothic, grunge, androgynous outfits. Soon enough, Mac was gaining interest on Instagram. 

But that social media following dramatically increased after applying for a self-tape submission for a “fun reality dating show” through Casting Frontier. Sure enough, Mac was selected for SnapChat’s made-for-smartphones show Phone Swap in which two strangers exchange phones, allowing each other open access to the other’s device before deciding whether they want to date.

When the show aired, the bottom of the screen displayed his username and said he’s an influencer. “And whenever it came out, my Instagram blew up,” Mac says. “So now I get all these cool opportunities like social media influencing—all because of that one little thing I did.”  He currently has close to 40,000 Instagram followers and a fanbase that extends to the UK and Amsterdam. 

Mac tells Burgandi and Govind: “Actually, if it wasn’t for Casting Frontier, I wouldn’t really be in this situation because I saw that casting for ‘fun reality show’ and I was like, ‘Oh, what the heck, let’s give it a try.’ You know, it’s really changed my life because sometimes I’ll get dm-ed directly, ‘Hey, we’d love to have you model for this brand,’ or ‘We’d like to cast you in this artist’s music video.’ Stuff directly from Instagram because of that one thing. So I was like I want to submit [a self-tape] for this Member of the Month thing because I feel like—I feel like it’s cliche to say, but Casting Frontier changed my life!”

Now, at the young age of 23, Mac “Glitzy” Roberts has developed his own unique brand identity, and we can’t wait to see what will come next in his career. You can follow Mac Glitzy on Instagram and on his Youtube channel.

Actors can become a Casting Frontier Member of the Month by submitting themselves to Action Casting through castingfrontier.com. When creating a self-tape, actors should say why they believe they should be selected. In turn, one member per month will receive a one-year Casting Frontier Premium subscription and land a paid gig. They will also be given the opportunity to showcase their talents and career. Our congratulations to Mac “Glitzy” Roberts this month! 

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