Everybody seems to have an agent these days, and “get an agent” is one of the first pieces of advice in countless articles explaining how to start an acting career in Los Angeles. But what if it’s possible to get an acting career off the ground without an agent? At Casting Frontier, we’re in the business of helping actors build their careers through our convenient online audition portal, and we have a few tips for actors looking to start their careers in Los Angeles without an agent.

5 Tips on Acting Without an Agent

Trying to build your acting career but still don’t have an agent? Don’t worry – there are lots you can do even without an agency affiliation. Here are some simple ways to build your acting career without the help of a dedicated agent:

  • Women with a shadow showing her as a superhero for her self empowerment. Get Your Kit in Order: Without an agent, an actor must be doubly prepared. Make sure you have a full audition kit in order and ready to send off at a moment’s notice, including headshots, your CV, and a showreel.
  • Network Like Nobody’s Business: Acting is a business of relationships, so if you don’t have an agent, that makes your networking skills even more important. Meet people as much as you can, and be proactive in finding out where your friends and contacts are finding work. 
  • Audition for Everything: As a freelance actor, you can never have too many opportunities. Take auditions for everything you can, even if you doubt that you fit the role. You never know what the casting director might see in you, and it may lead to another opportunity down the line. 
  • Join an Online Casting Service: With an online casting portal like Casting Frontier, you’re able to apply for dozens of auditions and casting calls without leaving your computer. This is hugely helpful as an actor trying to find work without an agent. 

Join Our Online Casting Portal

While it’ll take a lot of hard work, it’s entirely possible to build your acting career without the help of an agent – and you’ve come to the perfect place to get started. Casting Frontier unites rising talent with professional casting directors, and we’ve helped countless actors get their careers started. Join Casting Frontier today and move your career to the next level!