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How to blossom as an actor
Dec 15, 2018

How To Blossom As An Actor

In the newly released Romantic-Comedy (Rom-Com) hit, Crazy Rich Asians, there’s a scene (no plot spoilers here) where the characters gather around a Dragon Fruit Flower at a garden party to watch it bloom. Apparently, these flowers only bloom at… Read More

Content Creator
Dec 11, 2018

Creating Your Own Original Content

As an actor, you’re constantly trying to find work. As classes, auditions and casting calls can take up a considerable amount of your time – not to mention any side hustles. In auditions and productions, you’re pretty much at the… Read More

Dec 10, 2018

Are Your Acting Goals Realistic?

Do you have a realistic attitude when it comes to your acting career? On her downtime, Hollywood talent manager Wendy Alane Wright likes to teach actors how to land jobs in TV, film, commercials, and print through her Youtube channel…. Read More

Dec 1, 2018

Ways to Get a Theatrical Agent When You Only Have a Commercial Agent (and vice versa)

While it’s not mandatory, having a talent agent can sure make working as an actor easier. Commercial agents, for example, can schedule profitable commercial auditions for their actors as well as negotiate contracts once a job is booked. And a… Read More

Nov 21, 2018

How A Demo Reel Helps Land Acting Jobs

We all know acting is no walk in the park. From casting calls to finding an acting coach, the entire process can be exhausting. Of course an actor’s craft is essential in obtaining acting jobs. But, just as important is… Read More

Nov 15, 2018

It’s The Skills

I was on a panel recently and one of the questions we were asked was: “what do you think the most important thing an actor needs to achieve success?” Someone said “passion,” another panelist said “determination.” When it came to… Read More

Should you take class when you're busy? | Casting Frontier
Oct 30, 2018

Should You Take Class When You’re Busy?

Acting is one art form that is challenging to practice on your own. Artists can paint or create alone; musicians can play instruments solo, hone skills or write songs unaided; and writers most definitely can create in the solitude of… Read More

Creating, promoting, marketing and protecting your brand online
Oct 17, 2018

Creating, Promoting, Marketing and Protecting Your Brand Online

The digital landscape has changed all of our lives, from how we stay connected with each other to how we create and build our careers. But with the tremendous opportunities now available to both have a voice and to build… Read More

Oct 14, 2018

Sissy Spacek on Her Most Iconic Characters

The tremendous acting talent, Sissy Spacek, shares what it’s like getting “swept up” in some of her most iconic characters in this GQ interview. From playing the unforgettable title role in Carrie, her acclaimed portrayal of country music star Loretta… Read More

Oct 13, 2018

Embrace Mistakes

It probably seems that you have to be careful about every little decision you make with your acting career. Take the wrong class and you can derail your training. Sign with the wrong agent and you can waste years. Accept… Read More

Oct 1, 2018

A Look Back at ‘Angel Heart’

Alan Parker’s psychological thriller/horror film Angel Heart blew people’s doors off when it came out in the blockbuster year of 1987. It may do the same for anyone interested in this gem 30 years later. Keep in mind, 1987 brought… Read More

Living Between The Lines | Acting Jobs | Casting Frontier
Sep 14, 2018

Living Between The Lines

One of the first things any actor does when he get a script is to look at the lines. What do I have to say? How will I memorize all this? The attention is all on the words and not… Read More

Script Analysis
Sep 14, 2018

SCRIPT ANALYSIS: Part 2 Life & Death Importance of Understanding the Story of your Scene!

SCRIPT ANALYSIS: Part 2 Life & Death Importance of Understanding the Story of your Scene! By Coach Clay Banks In Part 1 of this two-part Script Analysis article we discussed how crucial it is to understand and respect the ‘Writers… Read More

Not Wanting to Disappoint Certain People by Keegan-Michael Key
Sep 4, 2018

How Not Wanting to Disappoint Certain People Lead Keegan-Michael Key to a Successful Career

During a SAG-AFTRA Foundation interview, funnyman Keegan-Michael Key revealed two pivotal decisions he made in his life which were based on not wanting to disappoint certain people. One was a drama teacher and the other a friend. In retrospect, the… Read More

Aug 14, 2018

Persevering Will Make You Lucky

Last week, I saw a former student of mine on a morning talk show. He studied and coached with me for a few years. I got him an agent and he began to audition. After many auditions, he booked a… Read More