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Aug 13, 2019

Scott Sedita’s Rules of Comedy | pt. 1

A Three Part Series from sitcom guru coach Scott Sedita. Here are edited excerpts from his international bestselling book, “The Eight Characters of Comedy. A Guide to Sitcom Acting & Writing, 2nd Edition” about how the Rhythm of Comedy is… Read More

Financial Core for Actors
Jul 15, 2019

Understanding Fi-Core

“Fi-Core,” short for “Financial Core,” is one of the most controversial issues facing on-camera performers today. Many actors, agents, managers, casting directors and other industry professionals do not fully understand what it is, and are therefore making uninformed, unwise, and… Read More

Jun 14, 2019

The Five Items You Need In Your Self-Tape Studio

The biggest draw of online casting is the ability to put your best foot forward. Take a break from crowded casting calls and hurried auditions to let the perfectionist in you take control. Film as many takes as needed until… Read More

Jun 13, 2019

A Plan for Networking

Doesn’t the very word send shivers down your spine? Are you breaking out in a sweat at the thought of networking for your acting career? So, let’s bust some myths and make this whole process a lot easier and a… Read More

People hugging
May 16, 2019

The Refuges

Do you ever feel the need for a safe haven? A place to go to rest and regroup? We all do. But I think actors, writers, directors, dancers and anyone in the arts need refuges more than most. There is… Read More

Film set
May 14, 2019


Did you ever wonder why some of the best takes aren’t used? Maybe you’re watching a film and the actor’s hair changes position in one of the cuts. How about when an actor on TV is angry as he leaves… Read More

Actor and Acting Coach Judy Kain
Apr 16, 2019

Judy Kain’s Commercial Audition Tips

For commercial acting coach Judy Kain, the key to successful auditions is personality. “Your authenticity comes from your training as an actor,” Judy says. “But, your personality is what lands you acting jobs. Often, you’re going to be auditioning with… Read More

Actor shooting a self tape audition
Apr 15, 2019

Take Advantage of Technology

In a lot of ways things for actors are better than ever before in Hollywood. Let’s take a look at some of those things and how you can take advantage of some of the recent changes in the business. Social… Read More

Apr 10, 2019


Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams recently gave a TEDx Talk aimed at creative people entitled “Don’t strive to be famous, strive to be talented.” The English actress can boast being an Emmy nominee as well an entrepreneur even though she’s just 22… Read More

Apr 10, 2019


Casting Frontier’s YouTube channel now features weekly content designed to empower talent by providing valuable insider knowledge. And this week we’re excited to share the third of nine episodes of our Bring It! video series. Casting veteran James Levine and working actor… Read More

Firework.TV Reveal
Apr 10, 2019


Actor and director Kenneth Branagh once said, “I think that short films often contain an originality, a creative freedom, an energy and invention that is inspiring and entertaining.” Historically, short films have thrived in classrooms and the festival circuit. Unfortunately,… Read More

An actor and actress onstage rehearsing a scene on stage with their lines in hand.
Mar 21, 2019

Have A Strategy For Pilot Season

PILOT SEASON IN HOLLYWOOD – GET PREPARED Whether you are a professional actor, have worked a little or are just starting out, you constantly have to redefine where you are at in your acting career and have a game plan… Read More

Mar 18, 2019

Actors Who Felt Alienated as a Child

In Disney’s reimagining of the 1941 classic animated film Dumbo, Irish actor Colin Farrell portrays the handicapped war veteran Holt Farrier who fights, along with his family, to reunite Dumbo with his mom. The family-oriented and fantastical film brilliantly deals… Read More

Feb 15, 2019

Keep Leaping

Leap and the net will appear. You’ve heard this phrase if you’ve even considered pursuing a career in the arts. Teachers have been saying it for years. Actors, writers and dancers have been taping it to their mirrors since middle… Read More

New Year's
Jan 21, 2019

New Year’s Fresh Start!

I don’t know about you, but I always love the start of the New Year. I look at it as a fresh start, a chance to create my goals again, newly and with renewed determination. No matter what happened last… Read More