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Transitioning into voice acting can be an interesting experience if you have previously been a theater actor or worked on camera. Although it is very similar, there are some distinct differences to be aware of. At Casting Frontier, we want to give you the tools to make a successful voice acting career in Los Angeles. 

Important Tips for Voice Acting

Voice acting in Los Angeles can be difficult. It is the epi-center of voice acting and there’s a lot of competition. However, that should not deter you from trying voice acting. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when transitioning into voice acting:

  • Build Up Your Vocal Chords: In voice acting, your vocal chords are everything, they are your asset. To be a voice actor, you need to have strong vocal chords. 


  • Adapt: Voice acting is about being flexible and changing your voice as each role needs. Play around with your voice and try to adapt to different characters and personalities. 


  • Continue Training: Voice training is similar, but different than training for a particular part on stage. Everything you convey is with your voice. You should take classes on character development and use your voice to portray specific characters. 


  • Know Your Voice: Your voice may sound different when it is projected through a microphone. Therefore, it’s important to know your voice with a microphone. Practicing over and over again can not only help you get comfortable in front of the microphone, but also to adapt your voice to different roles. 


  • Be Relatable: Initially, a lot of voice actors can sound fake, you should avoid this. Your voice should portray real, relatable characters. It should not be fake or like you are trying to sell something. 


  • Know Your Strengths: As your voice is your asset, you should know what you can and cannot do with your voice. If you speak other languages or can perform a number of different accents, use this to your advantage. These are your strengths!


  • Care For Your Voice: If you want to be a voice actor in Los Angeles, you must care for your voice and your vocal chords. Avoid getting sick or damaging your voice by shouting. 


  • Live in Los Angeles: If working as a voice actor in Los Angeles is your goal, you should definitely live in LA in order to network and work in LA. This is crucial as LA is truly the mecca for voice actors. 


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