At Casting Frontier, our mission is to help actors everywhere advance their acting careers by connecting them to online casting calls and auditions through our intuitive casting platform. Applying for auditions and castings online is a great way to build your career and find your next acting job – but if you’re serious about acting, you’ll need to move to a major industry city sooner or later. Los Angeles is one of the most popular choices for aspiring actors, especially in the film industry, but LA is a big city. So where should actors live when moving to Los Angeles? What are the best LA neighborhoods for actors? We can shed some light on this question. 


Best Neighborhoods for Actors in Los Angeles

Moving to Los Angeles is a great way to start your acting career. But a quick look at a map reveals that Los Angeles is BIG. So where exactly should you move? 

The truth is, LA isn’t really a city: it’s more a collection of smaller cities all grouped right next to each. Each of these mini-cities has its own personality and its own list of pros and cons. But if you’re an actor looking to move to Los Angeles, here are the neighborhoods we recommend most:


  • West Hollywood: Most people moving to LA for the first time immediately want to move into the heart of Hollywood, but this is generally a terrible idea – Hollywood is a pretty grimy neighborhood and doesn’t live up to its silver screen portrayals. The adjacent West Hollywood, however, is an attractive option for many. WeHo is very safe, packed with greenery, and full of things to do, and its central location makes it great for auditions. It’s expensive, though, and parking can be a true nightmare.
  • North Hollywood: North Hollywood, or NoHo, is across the hills from LA proper in the San Fernando Valley, and it’s a very different feel than WeHo. However, North Hollywood is very affordable, has plenty of nightlife and restaurants, and is close enough to make it easy to get to auditions. It’s a little run-down looking in parts and isn’t the safest part of LA, but that’s the price you pay for affordability. 
  • Los Feliz: This quirky, upscale hipster neighborhood is perched on the northeast corner of LA proper, and while it’s on the pricier side, it’s a great option for aspiring actors. It’s full of young people and hipsters and has a tangible artistic presence, and it’s still central enough to be close to most auditions. If you can afford the higher rent, it’s a very fun place to live. 
  • Hollywood: Ok, we may have said moving to Hollywood is a terrible idea, but that’s not entirely true. It’s just trickier. The reality of Hollywood is very different from what most people see from afar. Rather than the glitz and glam of Beverly Hills, most of Hollywood itself feels fairly run-down and can be one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in LA in certain places. However, you can find great deals on apartments in Hollywood if you know what you’re doing. The difficulty is that safety and price range can change drastically from block to block. Life in Hollywood isn’t for the faint of heart, but it can be a great way to live affordably in the center of LA. Consider moving to Hollywood the ‘advanced’ option on this list. 


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Moving to Los Angeles is an enormous step in an aspiring actor’s career, and we hope this guide helps you get a feel for a few of the more desirable neighborhoods for actors moving to LA. In the meantime, remember that auditioning is critical to advancing your career – and we can help. Casting Frontier lets you audition for dozens of online casting calls at the touch of a button, making it easy to find your next acting gig from anywhere. Take the next step in your acting career and join Casting Frontier today!