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Ethan Hawke has had a pretty decent career in Hollywood over the last thirty years. He’s been nominated for no less than four Academy Awards, and he’s won many other trophies for his acting, writing, directing, and even for his music. The kid from Austin, Texas has starred in so many revolutionary films, it’s hard to imagine how he could top such an epic oeuvre. And yet, the versatile actor has just checked another box on the proverbial bucket list. Ethan is set to star in the rom-com Revolver alongside his daughter, Maya. Proud papa he must be, indeed. And I’m sure Maya’s mother, Uma Thurman, is well-pleased herself. 

Maya has been on a serious run over the past few years. The freckle-faced kid born of Hollywood royalty is shaping up to be a real chip off the old progenitors. In 2017, she took on the daunting task of playing the stubborn yet fiercely loyal sister Jo March in the BBC TV mini-series Little Women, and she performed in admirable fashion. Two years later, Maya portrayed Manson girl, Flowerchild, with creepy authenticity in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. And in Season three of the seminal Netflix series Stranger Things, Maya absolutely slayed the role of razor-sharp Robin Buckley, the closeted lesbian and disgruntled employee at the nautical-themed ice cream parlor, Scoops Ahoy.

And now, father and daughter, Ethan and Maya, have teamed up to star in the Beatles-themed rom-com Revolver. According to Variety: “Set in 1966, Maya will play Jane, a teen resident of Anchorage, Alaska. When the impossible happens—a flight to Japan carrying The Beatles is forced to make an unexpected stop—all hell breaks loose as the unsuspecting residents are consumed by Beatlemania. Jane devises a plan to lose her virginity to George Harrison, discovering that adventure (and romance) are actually a little closer to home than she thought.”

Father-daughter pairings are really quite rare in the history of cinema. And most of them haven’t gone so well. The Hawke family seems like it’s got a very healthy dynamic of open communication and nurturing love, but they have to be careful, as working together in any capacity can be very stressful on kinfolk.  

Possibly the most tumultuous case of father-daughter pairings and dysfunctional family drama is the sad story of 1973’s Paper Moon. It stars the real-life father-and daughter team of Ryan and Tatum O’Neal as Moze and Addie respectively. Tatum became the youngest person ever to win an Academy Award for her turn as the precocious grifter, Addie Loggins. Hollywood lore maintains that Ryan became increasingly jealous of his daughter’s success, and the two became estranged. However, according to recent reports, the two have made amends.

Jon Voight and Angelina Jolie have had a rather stormy relationship throughout their lives. It appears Annjelina sided with her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, in a very messy divorce, and father and daughter have been trying to heal that particular wound for many years. In 2001’s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Jon and Angelina share the screen in the father- daughter reunion scene for what can only be described as poignant and incredibly moving human drama. The scene is made that much more heart-wrenching due to the fact that the two Academy Award-winning actors remained at odds for decades to come. It seems there’s been a cautious rapprochement in recent years, but who can tell in the crazy world of Hollywood and celebrity Sturm und Drang. 

So, although there are potential pitfalls to the father-daughter dynamic in film, here’s hoping Maya and her dad, Ethan, have a great shoot on the set of Revolver, and that they kick out an awesome period piece with many laughs and hijinks befitting a true and classic rom-com.