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For those who love a little suspense, foreboding, ghoulish fiends, and mysterious visions, but are repulsed by the gore, torture, and bloody dismemberment in so many spooky films, both modern and classic, there is an alternative: spooky movies for kids.

There are some seriously scary and spine tingling creature features out there with really good scares, but they are by and large devoid of the slaughter and carnage of R-rated horror movies. Horror movies often miss the fun of the genre. Scary movies were originally meant to spook you out and to satiate your curiosity for the realms of the unknown. However, with the rise of the slasher genre, horror movies inexorably moved toward more brutality and greater violence, as well as immoderate blood letting.

So, if you really are a bonafide horror wimp, but you don’t want to be left out of fright night festivities and the season of supernatural mysteries, here are a few animated spooky films to pique your fascinations and chill your bones — but not too much!


2006’s Monster House is ostensibly a kids movie, but it should really be rated PG-13 because it’s pretty scary!

Best buds DJ and Chowder notice that people in their suburban neighborhood and some of their friends have gone missing. Curmudgeonly old Nebbercracker (Steve Buscemi) died of a heart attack but his spirit apparently lives on in the creepy house down the street. With the help of their sidekick Jenny, the three ghost hunters decide to breach the Nebbercracker domicile to glean its secrets. They then purge the curse that dwells within the house of terrors.

Using old-school horror tropes and awesome computer animation, Monster House will have you checking the rooms and hallways of your own home, because it’s all fun and games until the haunted house across the street swallows you whole!

Monster House is a great Halloween movie that both kids and adults can enjoy and not get too freaked out!


There is something about claymation that is inherently creepy. The clay figures moving in a wholly unnatural and bizarre manner makes even the most innocent film seem a bit weird. That’s why it was the perfect use of a curious medium for Dreamworks to produce the strangely unnerving The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. 

In lieu of the giant vegetable competition, a huge vegetable-ravaging beast is plundering the town’s veggies. The crackpot inventor Wallace and his silent-but-steadfast dog Gromit are tasked with finding the frightening vegetable-hoarding fiend. There is villainy and danger afoot as the dynamic duo closes in on the ravenous monster. The concept is absolutely hokey, but this is an inventive and innovative film, as are all of the Wallace & Gromit projects.

With clever pop-culture references, British humor, whip-smart character development, and stop-motion mastery, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit is a fiendishly fun, wild, unhinged ride through narrow streets of cobblestone and haunted forests at the age of town.


Coraline Jones lives with her indifferent parents in a dull, and listless world; she longs for a richer life with a loving mom and dad and hot meals at dinnertime. One day, she finds a tiny door behind her dresser and discovers a parallel world with loving parents. What follows is a nightmarish journey through a phantasmagoric netherworld of strange creatures and extraordinarily intricate booby traps. 

Coraline is a beautifully rendered animation masterwork with a mind-blowing musical score. The characters are interesting and unique, and Coraline’s tremendous struggle is firmly in the epic hero’s category.

Be forewarned, of all the films on this list, Coraline is the scariest! A vulnerable young girl battling malevolent forces with her childhood. Her very life on the line, is a haunting and perilous odyssey – but, it’s an odyssey that is well worth the trip!

It’s a beautiful and mysterious time of year. Go ahead and enjoy a few harmless yet eerie and hair-raising kids horror movies. Hey, even if you are a yellow belly when it comes to horror, you still deserve a good scare!

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