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Jan 12, 2019

Regina King Wins Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress

Three-time Emmy Award-winning actress Regina King just earned her first Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actress in honor of her powerful performance in If Beale Street Could Talk. King portrays the nurturing mother Sharon Rivers who supports her daughter,… Read More

Jan 7, 2019

Glenn Close Wins Her Third Golden Globe Award with Her Performance in ‘The Wife’

Forty-five years into her legendary acting career, Glenn Close can now say she is a Golden Globe winner for the third time. The 71-year-old star received Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture – Drama for her portrayal… Read More

Jan 5, 2019

Tips to Improve Audition-Day Acne

On the day of a big audition, it always helps to wake up to a smooth, glowing complexion. But sometimes the morning starts out with unwelcome blemishes instead. Model and online personality Cassandra Bankson knows only too well what it’s… Read More

Dec 31, 2018

Matt Damon on What It Takes to Succeed as an Actor

Hollywood is full of super-charged, hardworking stars who often engross themselves in several projects simultaneously, and one of these actors is Matt Damon. The Massachusetts native is known for his never-say-die work ethic whether he’s starring in movies, producing films… Read More

Dec 29, 2018

‘Seal Team’ Actor Judd Lormand Booked 72 Jobs in 72 Months

Seal Team actor Judd Lormand knows what gives him an edge over the competition–his great work ethic. Being cast as the level-headed Lieutenant Commander Eric Blackburn who serves as Bravo Team’s strategist on the CBS drama didn’t just happen. Indeed,… Read More

Dec 24, 2018

Thinking Outside the Box, Producer Franklin Leonard’s Black List Influences What Movies Are Made

“I accidentally changed part of the conversation about which movies get made.” — Franklin Leonard, producer What stories will be told in Hollywood movies in the upcoming years? Will they feature conventional themes and predictable actors and settings with the… Read More

Dec 21, 2018

Goodbye to the Talented Actress and Director Penny Marshall

The trailblazing actress, director, and producer Penny Marshall died of complications from diabetes on Monday evening at the age of 75. A spokeswoman for the family said she passed peacefully in her Hollywood home. Marshall’s family released a statement saying,… Read More

Dec 18, 2018

Casting Director Justin Radley’s Tips For Commercial Auditions

Jason Bateman once said, “I’ve always loved commercials. I like working out how to organically weave a brand’s message into the writing process. It’s like an improv show, where comics ask the audience to throw out a word and a… Read More

Dec 17, 2018

Benedict Cumberbatch Loved Playing a Mean Old Grinch

In the animated film The Grinch, Benedict Cumberbatch voices the cantankerous green Grinch who lives atop Mount Crumpit, despises Christmas, and plans to ruin Whoville’s holiday festivities. When asked to play the iconic Dr. Seuss villain whose heart is “two… Read More

Dec 15, 2018

Amazing Stuntwomen for the Stars

  Actresses Scarlett Johansson, Evangeline Lilly, Elizabeth Olsen, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Candice Patton receive a lot of praise for their action-packed movie and TV roles. But in this Hollywood Reporter’s Women of Action video, the stars give a lot… Read More

How to blossom as an actor
Dec 15, 2018

How To Blossom As An Actor

In the newly released Romantic-Comedy (Rom-Com) hit, Crazy Rich Asians, there’s a scene (no plot spoilers here) where the characters gather around a Dragon Fruit Flower at a garden party to watch it bloom. Apparently, these flowers only bloom at… Read More

Content Creator
Dec 11, 2018

Creating Your Own Original Content

As an actor, you’re constantly trying to find work. As classes, auditions and casting calls can take up a considerable amount of your time – not to mention any side hustles. In auditions and productions, you’re pretty much at the… Read More

Dec 10, 2018

Are Your Acting Goals Realistic?

Do you have a realistic attitude when it comes to your acting career? On her downtime, Hollywood talent manager Wendy Alane Wright likes to teach actors how to land jobs in TV, film, commercials, and print through her Youtube channel…. Read More

Dec 8, 2018

Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams on the Need to Be Flexible

The 2019 Golden Globe nominations are in, and Nicole Kidman and Amy Adams are on the list. Kidman is up for consideration for Best Performance by an Actress in a Motion Picture, and Adams is up for not one, but… Read More

Dec 4, 2018

Aubrey Plaza Decides to Test Free Agency

Legion actress Aubrey Plaza has been developing an athletic skill on Tuesday nights over the past few years, and it’s playing recreational basketball. The comic actress isn’t acting when she dribbles, passes and shoots baskets (or at least attempts to)… Read More

Dec 1, 2018

Ways to Get a Theatrical Agent When You Only Have a Commercial Agent (and vice versa)

While it’s not mandatory, having a talent agent can sure make working as an actor easier. Commercial agents, for example, can schedule profitable commercial auditions for their actors as well as negotiate contracts once a job is booked. And a… Read More