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Casting directors consistently rank confidence as one of the most important attributes that a performer can exhibit in the audition room. Confident actors showcase authenticity and ease in their words, movements, and actions. Ultimately, confidence leads to more booked jobs and is conducive to a successful acting career. While it’s easy to recognize, confidence can be hard to describe. Here are nine qualities that reflect a confident actor. 


Confident actors…


1. Come prepared.

Becoming a great actor requires an investment of the actor’s time and effort. Confident actors are willing to put in the necessary time to refine their craft and prepare for each part. They don’t just rely on their charm, appearance, or talent when approaching a role. Instead, they understand that their level of competence is directly related to their level of confidence, so they continually seek to improve. This preparation reflects well on their professionalism as well. When a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity arises, they’re ready to accept the challenge.


2. Focus on the work — not themselves.

Confident actors zero in on their character and performance. They’re not wondering what the audience is thinking mid-performance. Their devotion is to the craft, and not the approval of others. Respect and admiration are not automatically given in this field; they’re earned.


3. Accept direction with a playful spirit.

When given direction, confident actors don’t take it personally or feel judged. Whether a specific note to alter their performance comes from a teacher, casting director, or director, confident actors receive it as a chance to play around with the material and have fun with it. Sometimes it means they need to push themselves beyond their comfort zone or current level of abilities. Confident actors don’t need assurances that they’re doing a good job when receiving feedback. It doesn’t matter where you are in your actor’s journey—a novice or a pro—just as long as you’re moving forward. 


4. Listen to their inner voice

Every individual has a unique perspective and spark of creativity. Confident actors trust their inner voice and allow themselves to express those ideas freely. They understand that some ideas will work out of the box, some may need refining, and others are best rejected. The only way to discover if an idea is worthwhile is to explore it. This process allows performers to see themselves as a creative force.


5. Understand that failure is part of the process. 

Confident actors maintain a certain lightness and don’t judge themselves harshly when failure happens. Making mistakes is part of the actor’s journey. They reflect on any perceived failures and use those insights to move forward in their goals. They don’t direct mean thoughts toward their inner self that only serve to break one’s confidence. Rather, they focus on their momentum and accomplishments to keep an overall perspective. In auditions, they give it their best shot and then leave it all in the room behind them, regardless of the outcome. They don’t allow fear to stop them.


6. Focus on solutions. 

Confident actors conduct themselves with empowerment. Through all the ups and downs, they actively seek new relationships in their field and opportunities to collaborate; they keep learning new skills and refining their craft. Perhaps they’ll find a new agent or acting coach. They’re invested in their career and are therefore proactive in resolving issues and getting things done. 


7. Cut themselves some slack.

Actors are human beings just like everyone else, and sometimes fears and doubts find a way to creep into their minds. The confident actor cuts him or herself some slack when feeling vulnerable. They understand that there will be times when they just don’t feel confident, and that’s okay. When this happens, they focus on finding truth in their performances. And they keep building themselves up with encouraging inner thoughts and finding ways to fortify their career as they move forward. 


8. Maximize the power of their bodies.

Knowing their bodies are their instrument, confident actors take good care of their health. They eat a healthy diet, find time to exercise each week, and they make sure to get enough rest. Knowing that posture impacts confidence, they avoid slouching and instead keep their head held high and shoulders back and down. Confident actors open up their body language and are ready to make eye contact, rather than curl into their cell phones before auditions.


9. Let their passion for the craft shine through. 

Confident actors focus on their strengths and the palpable joy that brought them to the field of acting in the first place. They have a calling to be playful, expressive and receptive, to connect, and to feel deeply. They are devoted to the development of their craft and are passionate about their work. This energy is contagious.