At Casting Frontier, our mission is to help actors everywhere empower themselves and expand their careers by connecting them with casting directors and acting career opportunities through our online casting platform. Traditionally, in-person auditions are how anyone in the industry finds their next acting job – but that’s changing. More and more acting jobs and casting calls are happening entirely online, and with our new virtual audition feature, you may find your next acting job with nothing more than the touch of a button. 

What Is a Virtual Audition? 

While in-person casting calls have their place, a virtual audition means you can try out for an acting job anywhere in the world right from your computer. 

The process is simple. Casting directors can post and share schedules for virtual auditions, then actors join them in a two-way video conference to audition for the role. Virtual auditions with Casting Frontier can be accessed through any device, giving actors the freedom to audition for new acting jobs on a flexible basis and making the process convenient for casting directors. Plus, virtual auditions are automatically recorded and archived, which means both actors and casting directors can edit the audition to create reels and video highlights to share with collaborators. 

Virtual auditions are still relatively new to the world of casting calls, but they’re growing fast in importance. In a world where casting directors have to sort through countless headshots and demo reels to find the talent, they’re looking for, virtual auditions make it easy for both actors and casting directors to audition for more roles, helping casting directors find talent fast and helping actors advance their careers. 


Here is a breakdown of how it works:

Step 1: Casting & Content Directors can now email virtual schedules to talent.

Step 2: Talent can then join them in a recorded video conference from any device

Step 3: Virtual Auditions take place in Casting Frontier’s acclaimed software, iSessionHD 7, where aspiring actors and actresses can easily record, edit, and share auditions with clients and collaborators.


Apply for Acting Jobs Online Today!

Virtual auditions and self-taping are becoming an increasingly important part of the casting process, and Casting Frontier is excited to be the only online casting portal that offers an effective solution for virtual auditions. Want to try the process and see for yourself? Take the first step towards finding your next big acting role: sign up for Casting Frontier and audition for a role online today!