By Maxx-Studio/

Casting Frontier is excited to partner with the 48 Hour Film Project, which is taking place over the weekend of October 9 – 11, in Los Angeles, California. 

The event calls for LA filmmakers, producers and actors to film an entire project within a 48-hour window. At the event kickoff, each team will draw for their genre, ranging from scifi to holiday films. Once selected, all teams are given a specific character, prop and line that they must incorporate into their film. The teams are released and must return the finished film within 48 hours. 

Besides the thrill of making a completed film in 48 hours and gaining a new credit on your IMDb resume, the films are judged by top film industry professionals and screened for a large audience. Top prizes will go to the winners of “Short -Best Film” and “Best Film”. The short film winner will represent the city of Los Angeles at the 20th anniversary of Filmapalooza in 2021, while the “Best Film” winner has the chance to screen their film at the legendary Cannes Film Festival Short Corner

Interested in signing up? Check out more details on the 48 Hour Film Project website. 


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If you sign up BEFORE October 5th, use promo code 48205REG for $5.00 off regular pricing. 

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