The Value of Acting

September 23, 2011

Don’t ever underestimate the importance of what you do. Yes, there are people who work for the Red Cross and feed starving children, others risk their lives to protect and serve the general public, some work tirelessly to cure cancer, and some care for the elderly. To be sure, these are all noble and beautiful careers, and we are forever in these caregivers’ debt. But consider what the arts have meant to you over your lifetime.

Think of the comedies that had you laughing your butt off at the darkest times in your journey. Or the dramas that had you dabbing tears on the way out of a darkened theater. Or the stage plays that had you riveted and mesmerized from beginning to end. I’m certain you’ll agree these are tremendously important moments in life. We’ve all been uplifted and inspired by movies, plays, paintings, and music and there is true value in the arts.

Art has always been the refuge of those in need whether the need be for inspiration or catharsis or comfort or joy. Art fulfills so many needs. You, as an actor, have the power to influence people’s lives in profound and unique ways. So, make no mistake, being an actor is a noble cause. Be sure to treat it as such.