Be That Remarkable Spokesperson in Casting Calls

February 20, 2012

The Geico gecko, the perky character of Flo in all those Progressive commercials, the Dell Dude, and before that, the Pillsbery Doughboy…these are some of the many spokespersons whom are forever embedded in our national consciousness. Merely seeing these figures, we immediately think of the company or product they represent. It’s a dream come true for any company to find that perfect spokesperson. Not only do they increase brand awareness, they increase sales. So, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, companies will be out there, vigorously searching for the next spokesperson to represent their services or products. Think of who is most likely to fit the bill. The most beautiful? Well, the Doritos girl was certainly that, but the Verizon Can You Hear Me Yet guy, Smokey the Bear, and the King from Burger King were clearly chosen for other qualities. Foremost, a spokesperson needs to be remarkable for whatever reason. Marketer, entrepreneur and blogger, Seth Godin, uses the example of cows to illustrate what companies are looking for. When you’re driving and you see cows on the side of the road, all those cows become just another cow and become boring. After all, isn’t that why they say to count sheep to lull you to sleep? But if you look out the window and you see a purple cow, that’s remarkable!

So think of how you can be that purple cow. Is it the quality of your voice, your look, your moves? Whatever it is that makes you stand out, make sure you download it to your Casting Frontier profile. Simply by adding your voice samples, or headshots reflecting that look, or adding a reel showcasing those moves, your chances to be considered as a spokesperson will significantly increase. Your specialties will immediately become available for Casting Directors to consider for their casting calls and TV auditions. It’s their job to find a purple cow! Will it be you? To hear Godin’s illuminating lecture about standing out, click here.