Don’t Stop Believing

September 16, 2011

You’ll hear a lot of people say of the entertainment industry how difficult it is to break into the business, how far fetched it is to become a star, and that only a small percentage of actors are really working. And you know? In many ways, they’re right! That’s why you have to live and breathe your acting career. Make no mistake, many, many opportunities are waiting to be seized: commercials, webisodes, independent films, real people roles, and let’s not underestimate the invaluable knowledge and experience theater cultivates. Concentrate on the opportunities that present themselves to you. If a friend invites you to be a part of his or her student film, while it may not win an Oscar, it could prove to be a highlight in your growing reel. And remember, when those opportunities are not making themselves known at any given moment, you can create your own projects. When you keep working, are continually refining your skills, and networking becomes a matter of habit, you open yourself up to all those opportunities that can make your dreams come true.