Actress Meghan Markel Soon to Be Royal

December 1, 2017

There are a lot of weighty issues swirling around the collective consciousness these days, and plenty of issues to fixate upon. Geopolitical tension, global warming, cybercrime, allegations of sexual misconduct, and the list goes on. But one of the stories that has virtually cut through all the noise and captured seemingly everyone’s attention and imagination is the royal nuptials! Yes, it seems the royal family has a new member–and she’s an actress!

Meghan Markel was born in Los Angeles and claims she virtually grew up on the set of the groundbreaking comedy series Married with Children. Her father was the director of photography on the show, and Meghan got to see firsthand how Hollywood really works; indeed, she says of the experience, “It was a very perverse place for a little girl who went to Catholic School to grow up.”

But Meghan got the acting bug. She enrolled at Northwestern University and studied theater and international relations. Markel went on to work for the US Embassy in Argentina for a spell before throwing herself into the dizzying and intriguing life of a thespian.

Markel cut her teeth on independent films like Remember Me, A Lot Like Love, Horrible Bosses, and Anti-Social as well as TV shows in the manner of 90210 and CSI: Miami. But she got her big break with the hit legal dramedy Suits. Of her audition for the USA network show, Markel says, “I thought it was one of the worst auditions I had ever done.” The network executives apparently had a different opinion, and Meghan landed the role of Rachel, a fiery and tenacious paralegal with ambitions beyond her station. In an interview with Larry King, Meghan said of Rachel, “She’s really savvy, she has this encyclopedic knowledge of the law, she is the go-to girl for everything people need at the firm.” The character of Rachel turned out to be a plum role for the actress as she got to showcase her dramatic as well as her comedic chops, and she altogether owned a character who always sticks up for what she believes in.

And now, after seven memorable seasons on the USA network staple, Markel is leaving the Suits family to live out a real-life fairytale romance with the dashing and affable Prince Harry! Congratulations Meghan!