Do Postcards Really Work?

November 5, 2012

For aspiring actors who are having a tough time getting an agent, mailing out postcards with a headshot and contact info may sound like a feasible way to get a foot in the casting industry door. But how effective are these postcards in actually landing auditions for the neophyte thespian?

While there are no official statistics on the matter, it is possible that your unsolicited postcard may arrive at a casting director’s desk at an opportune moment. If you happen to fit the role description to a tee, which matches that particular casting director’s challenge for the day, you may be one of the rare, lucky ones who get called in as a result of a mailing. But keep in mind, successful, established casting directors like to keep their clutter to a minimum. That’s precisely why online casting services like Casting Frontier are so valuable to them. Actors who have profiles on Casting Frontier are utilizing the most user-friendly workflow experience for busy casting directors. When they receive a call to find men in their 20’s who are taller than 6′ 3″, realistically, do you think they’re going to start flipping through postcards? Or do you think they’ll log into their Casting Frontier account, type these specific qualities into the search box, and see all the actors who fit the description right there on the computer screen? Whether an actor has an agent or is unrepresented, the photos pop up…better and faster than the pony express horses! Even if you’ve never before landed an audition, along with your headshots, your profile can include a reel, a voice sample, and a link to a personal website. All of this with the click of a button. If you were a casting director, which workflow would you choose: Postcards or Casting Frontier?

In addition, if casting directors are not presently knocking down your door, you can check out Casting Frontier’s Public Submissions Board. If you fit the description for a particular role, simply submit yourself. This can represent a wealth of opportunity–and you are in control. You don’t have to sit around waiting for someone to open the Hollywood-casting door for you; you can endeavor to open the door yourself! Landing auditions through public submissions may just make you look a lot more attractive to agents, and increase your exposure for future castings.

Make sure you only submit yourself for roles in which you fit the description; you want to advertise yourself as an actor with a good head on your shoulders, who’s ready to play by the rules, and who listens well.

While printing out postcards certainly can’t hurt, they are an expenditure, and part of being an actor is using your finances wisely. Now, if you’re sending out postcards to thank casting directors for calling you in, that’s a different story. Everyone likes to hear that their work is appreciated. And at the very least, casting assistants (the ones who really read the mail) will have you on their radar. At the end of the day, online casting services like Casting Frontier are the best and most effective way to market yourself; so get a profile, fill it out entirely, and keep it updated. Break a leg!