Ashton Kutcher Shares Insiders’ Secrets

May 22, 2015

Ashton Kutcher has always gotten a kick out of revealing the unseen human nature of celebrities in his hidden camera, practical joke series, Punk’d. But when he won the Teen Choice Awards’ Ultimate Choice Award, he surprised the teenage fans by exposing something about himself: that he felt like a fraud, and admitting his first name is actually Chris–that he only switched to using his middle name, Ashton, when he started pursuing acting at the age of 19. Although Kutcher is not necessarily known for his powerful cinematic performances, what followed at the awards event was a heartfelt and insightful motivational speech. And even though it was given in 2013, his words of encouragement to aspiring hearts bear repeating. He lists three basic keys to help a person create a quality life. Ashton himself has managed to navigate a career in the entertainment industry starting as a successful model in the late 1990’s, moving to acting with That 70’s Show, and then branching out to several popular roles in both TV and film as well as working as a producer.

“In Hollywood, in the industry there’s stuff we do. There’s a lot of like insiders’ secrets to keeping your career going, and a lot of insiders’ secrets to making things tick,” Ashton asserts. Then he goes on to share some of the “really amazing things” he learned when he was Chris. “And I wanted to share those things with you guys because I think it’s helped me be here today.” He then lists three approaches to life that he credits for his success, starting with making the most of opportunities. “I believe opportunity looks a lot like hard work…And I’ve never had a job in my life than I was better than. I was always just lucky to have a job. And every job I had was a stepping stone to my next job.” He also has some ideas about what makes someone sexy (being really smart, thoughtful, and generous). And he shares some basic ideas about how you can build the life you want. Take a listen, and see if his words speak to you.

Kutcher never seems to stop working; he’s currently filming the upcoming indie The Long Home directed by and starring James Franco to be released in 2017.