Don’t Miss a Casting Call, Use Actor on the Go

June 1, 2012

If you’ve been an actor for any length of time, you understand you need every advantage you can get. Just walk in the lobby of a busy casting facility, and you immediately get a sense of the formidable odds one might face in pursuing a given role. Acting is your passion, your gift, your ambition—but it can also be daunting! That’s why you work so hard to empower your career: you eat all those foods high in antioxidants, you do extra crunches at the gym, you try not to party too hard, you network every chance you get, you’re in classes all the time. But what other tools are out there to maximize your efforts and rev up your career? Are you making the most of the World Wide Web? The Internet is ubiquitous, and we tend to take it for granted as it’s so firmly imbedded in our everyday lives. You have your personal website, you utilize online casting services for casting calls. But are you using this incredible resource to its full capacity?

Casting Frontier has been the leading technology innovator in the casting industry for the past seven years. They have empowered casting directors, agents, directors, and producers with amazing tools that use the power of the Internet to quicken digital communication and to streamline workflow. And now, with Actor On The Go, Casting Frontier has designed an app that gives you, the actor, the digital tools to audition and book on your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  Actor On The Go allows you to submit your profile for roles, confirm or cancel auditions, view public submissions, and choose your headshots. So, if you’re busy working in your side job, whether it be the classic waiting tables, tending bar, or any other actor-friendly day job, you don’t have to miss out on auditions. With Actor On The Go, you can be apprised of breakdowns and call times as soon as they’re available. So, if you get a confirmation at work, you have plenty of time to get a replacement, and prepare for the audition. Or say you take a drive up to Santa Barbara on your day off, you’ll get the audition notice with plenty of time to hop on the 101 and hightail it back to town for your next big role! Actor on the Go is for those who want more opportunity, more flexibility, and more bookings.

Actor on the Go is a free app for actors with Premium or Premium Plus profiles on Casting Frontier. Click here to get your Actor on the Go app now.