Audition for Commercials in New York City

April 24, 2014

new-york-commercial-audition-opportunities.jpgWith all the opportunities to act in NYC, it might seem like a feasible task to break into the entertainment business in such Thespian-fertile ground. But getting your foot in the door can present its challenges especially considering the prodigious amount of aspiring actors vying for position on a daily basis. Being cast in a commercial is an excellent way to push your career forward. Whether you appear in a national or local commercial; a spec, a public service announcement, or an infomercial; commercials can keep you working, help grow your network, greatly increase overall exposure, and get you paid. So how do you get in the commercial-acting door?

Currently, NY actors have a terrific opportunity to get a leg up on the competition by creating a Casting Frontier profile. Casting Frontier’s New York actor database is growing quickly, and an increasing number of prominent casting directors are using Casting Frontier services exclusively. Either these casting directors will know you exist–or they will not. Make sure you are being considered by simply creating a Casting Frontier actor profile. On your actor profile you can highlight your special skills, attach multiple headshots, your resume, your actor reel, a MP3 voice sample, and link to your personal website–all with unlimited changes, and at an affordable price.

When it comes to booking commercials, it’s important to audition as much as possible! Auditioning is an invaluable way to gain essential experience in your journey as an actor. Whether you’re fine tuning your acting dexterity, gaining confidence while performing before others, or learning how to put your best professional foot forward when interacting with casting professionals, auditioning on a regular basis can make all the difference in your career. And auditioning is the direct avenue to booking those coveted commercial jobs–essentially putting the “working” in “working actor.”

While acting in commercials may not be doing Shakespeare in the park, it does require a particular skill set that not everyone has. Commercial acting calls for actors to be “on” in an instant, to be natural and succinct. And the best way to master this particular form is to audition consistently. The wealthiest corporations in the world expect their pitchmen to be spot-on when plugging their products; after all, there’s a lot of money at stake. So they are looking for actors who are talented, bright, and professional. Does this sound like anyone you know?

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