Startling Viral Video Reveals Sun Damage to Skin

April 30, 2015

How many times have you been told to wear sun protection to reduce the impact of the sun’s damaging rays to your skin ? You’ve probably heard experts repeat how important it is to slather the stuff on regularly that it sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher talking. Yeah, yeah, yeah… But this viral video about the topic is capturing the attention of over fifteen million people to date. YouTube’s How the Sun Sees You reveals how people’s skin appears in ultraviolet light, and by the end you’ll likely be motivated to maintain a daily regimen like never before.

This video comes at a good time with the summer months just ahead, and ultraviolet radiation rising up the UV Index charts. While taking good care of your skin is important for everyone, actors have additional pressure to maintain that proverbial healthy glow. After all, it’s the actor’s goal to have his or her face to be projected over a 40 by 60-foot screen in the theaters, or on large-screen HD TVs across the nation–perhaps the globe. And while it’s true that today’s make up artists are known to work wonders, and even modern retouching capabilities can make anyone’s skin look flawless, a healthy complexion is certainly an actor’s asset.