This Halloween, Get Your Act On!

October 27, 2013

th-1So, what are your plans this Halloween? A run-of-the-mill costume party where you get your drink on, and have nothing to show for the night except hazy memories and an acute hangover. Come on, you can do better than that! You’re an actor! By nature, you’re creative, inventive, and adventurous. As surgeons specialize in slicing human organs (Get it? It’s a Halloween reference) your specialty is make believe. You’re the lucky one; you get the fun job!

Why not change things up this year? Take this opportunity to apply the craft, and make your Halloween truly memorable for all the right reasons. That is, why not throw an actor’s Halloween party? Here’s how it could work:

Jump on Facebook and invite all your actor buddies over to dramatically perform a classic monologue or scene from their favorite spooky story or film. There’s an endless array of bloodcurdling, spine-chilling material to choose from. Whether you want to chastise the audience a la Jigsaw for their lack of appreciation of life, recite Poe’s Nevermore, or test your vocals with a Jamie-Lee-Curtis Halloween scream, go for it! Let your dramatic inner beast howl! It can be as casual as having the audience sit on your living room floor, or you can have a designated stage area with proper seating. Use whatever backdrop, lighting, and props you prefer to get people in the mood–and don’t forget the music!

th-2Now, you might be concerned that it’s too late to pull it all together. Oh ye of little faith! It’ll be fresh. Think of it like a potluck. But in this case, it’s BYOP (bring your own performance). You know, “If you build it, they will come?” This is a simple case of conjuring up the spirit of Halloween. Your night will go down as an unforgettable, extraordinary All Hallows’ Eve. Just don’t forget to invite me, because it’s gonna be epic!