Increase Auditions with Casting Frontier’s Public Submissions Board

July 30, 2012

The Holy Grail for any commercial actor is a national campaign with a top-notch brand that runs for a good, long stretch. The next sought-after jobs are the regional spots in significant demographic regions. And next in line are the local commercials in places like Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, and Chicago.

But after these coveted spots remain jobs that, for one reason or another, fall through the cracks. These are the smaller budget projects like PSAs, non-union buyouts, spec spots, music videos, student projects, etc.. If you’re a young hopeful starting out, or a seasoned actor looking for greater experience, these auditions can be tremendous opportunities for work with established industry professionals–and can lead to bigger, more lucrative gigs.

That’s where the Casting Frontier’s Public Submissions Board steps in, big time! Anyone with Internet access can log into Casting Frontier and find current roles listed every day. Moreover, when you have a Casting Frontier profile, you can be notified via email of newly listed jobs as they emerge. From that point, you’re simply a click away from submitting yourself for desired roles. You can learn more about a specific project including shoot dates, pay rate, as well as a full description of the project and character. Also listed are the required gender, ethnicity and age range for the role. Although it sounds obvious, you’d be surprised by how many actors overlook these basic criteria. Make sure you fit all three of the listed requirements–so you don’t waste Casting Directors’ or your own time by showing up for roles for which you don’t match.

For more information of how you can start submitting yourself for today’s roles, click here. Let Casting Frontier assist you in taking charge of your acting career, and help pave the way to landing those hot national and regional spots!