What Actresses Should Wear to Commercial Auditions

January 5, 2012














It’s an understatement to say male business owners are happy when a casting facility goes up next to their shops. They’re ecstatic! Why wouldn’t they be? Gorgeous actresses streaming in throughout the day–day after day. That may be fine for those who are convinced every beauty who walks through the door is right for the part, but how can you make yourself stand out amongst a bevy of beauties to the people who really count? Namely, the directors and producers.

According to Glamour.com, some fashion resolutions to actually follow in 2012 include taking fashion risks like bold floral pants, hot-pink suits, exaggerated sunglasses and glitsy jewelry. But when auditioning, watch out what fashion advice you follow, because doing so could cost you the part.

Specifically, disregard the fashion tip about the shiny, bright jewelry. Rather, keep your jewelry to a minimum unless you’re auditioning for a wild rocker character with piercings. And avoid the floral patterns and other print designs on your clothing which the camera potentially can interpret as bouncing light every time you move; this is highly distracting and ultimately overwhelms your presence. Besides that, make sure to avoid wearing black which reads as unbecoming on camera, and white tops which frequently look blown out and overwhelmingly bright.

So what should actresses wear to commercial auditions?

Most importantly, dress according to your type. Think about the character you’re trying out for. When it comes to commercial auditions, it’s helpful to actually dress for the particular role –for example, an athlete or a business woman. You can keep it simple; if you’re trying out for a doctor, for example, you can show up in a professional-looking shirt and high-end slacks, but feel free to leave a doctor’s scrubs at home. In this case, what’s most important is you appear trustworthy and convey authority. Additionally, when it comes to auditioning secrets, some people swear by wearing blue. Not a bad choice as everyone seems to look good in blue. But your priority should be to appear neat and clean, avoid too much make up, and make sure your hairstyle does not cover your eyes because it’s your eyes that have the most immediate impact to draw people in. As far as fashion is concerned, learn what pieces flatter your shape the most. Take pride in who you are right now and run with it!

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