Snapchat with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jared Leto and Hallie Steinfeld

July 28, 2016

Many famous actors routinely create Snapchat stories to connect with fans, friends, and family, but it’s not always easy to find them. Snapchat requires no identification verification process as usernames are given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. This results in numerous people masquerading as celebrities, and makes it hard to find the snaps for particular actors of interest. Indeed, William Shatner was so unimpressed with this aspect of the trendy app, he tweeted, “I actually went and downloaded Snapchat only to discover that someone has my name. I don’t respect platforms that do that.” But this detail of the app hasn’t stopped many Hollywood talents from snapping creative shots, revealing raw snippets of their personal lives, promoting their projects and travels, and giving an overall abbreviated digital collage of what’s important to them. Among those promoting their careers via Snapchat are True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld, Arnold Schwarzenegger aka The Terminator, and Jared Leto.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee Steinfeld’s Snapchat can be found at haiz. In this Snapchat story posted in June 2016 Hailee gives viewers a glimpse of traveling to Toronto to perform her Haiz album song Rock Bottom featuring her duet partner Shawn Hook at the June 2016 iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards. She was nominated for Most Buzzworthy International Artist or Group a the MMVAs. Hailee debuted her singing skills in the highest-grossing musical comedy of all time, Pitch Perfect 2. In turn, she released a cover version of the song Flashlight which she performed in the film. While Steinfeld is most known for her Oscar-nominated portrayal of Mattie Ross opposite Jeff Bridges in True Grit, she likewise works as a model. She is one of the faces of the fashion brand Miu Miu, and doesn’t hesitate to share some glamour snaps in this Snapchat story.

Jared Leto

Access Jared’s Snapchat at jaredleto. Jared Leto won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in 2014 for the transgender role of Rayon in Dallas Buyer’s Club. Also, film critics are already praising his portrayal of The Joker in the antihero action movie DC Comics’ Suicide Squad which will open August fifth. His snaps have included peaks at his deranged Joker character, a playful knack using the app’s drawing tools, and talent in creating psychedelic images, glimpses of his band 30 Seconds to Mars, and then there’s the ever present shoe shots. This summer his Snapchat stories have shown him hiking, camping, and mountain climbing in assorted breathtaking venues. In this story Jared shares his adventures in Spain.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger can be found at arnoldschnitzel. The Hollywood action film icon and and former California governor thrives in social media platforms, and Snapchat is no exception. In his Snapchat stories Arnold introduces us to friends and colleagues, and can be seen pumping iron, traveling to places like Australia or Amsterdam or Tennessee, and bike riding. In this July 2015 Snapchat story, Arnold reminisces about his seventh and last bodybuilding win as Mr. Olympia in 1980 at the Sydney Opera House, Australia while training for his role in Conan.


Do You Use SnapChat to Promote Your Personal Brand?

July 4, 2016

One of the most popular apps on the market these days is Snapchat. It’s a lot of fun as it encourages playful and creative content, is easy to use, and it can be used as a tool to promote your personal brand. With a reported 100 million daily active users producing over 700 million snaps per day, and a growing population of adult Snapchat users, today’s Snapchat has evolved significantly since its 2011 social media debut. The app allows you to share photos and videos, draw and/or add captions if you so desire, and then share your content–or “snaps”–with followers of your choice. However, unlike Twitter or Facebook, Snapchat snaps are only available for one to ten seconds before vanishing on the receiving end. According to the platform, Shapchat “Stories” allow you to “string Snaps together to create a narrative that lasts for 24 hours,” and can be viewed an unlimited number of times within that time frame. In addition, Snapchat has its own system of emojis, filters, and editing features as well as real-time text, and video chatting that resembles FaceTime.

While people most often use Snapchat to communicate with family and friends, users also have the option to go public with their snaps. This means you can open up your snaps for anyone to view. (If you choose to do this, you’ll likely want to delete some viewers as a friend so they don’t clutter your feed, but you’ll still show up on theirs.) Many celebrities have open-to-the-public snaps; indeed, you can check in to see what a lot of actors are up to–and if you like, you can add yourself to the mix. The trend is for actors to snap humorous videos, selfies, behind-the-scenes footage, and glimpses of their personal lives.

Here are just a few actors’ Snapchat names; click on the names to see examples of their snaps.

Adrian Grenier at adrianducontra

Chris Pratt at chrisprattsnap

Selena Gomez at selenagomez

Jared Leto at jaredleto

Jessica Alba at jessicamalba

Ashley Benson at Benzo33

Ansel Elgort at anselelgort

Eva Longoria at realevalongoria

Kate Hudson at khudsnaps

As to Snapchat’s user privacy and safety, it’s important to know that supposedly-deleted photos from the app have reportedly been retrieved with relative ease by forensic examiners, and other users are able to take photos or screenshots of snaps you send them. So use caution as to what you send, and adjust your settings as you best see fit. After all, you are in charge of who is able to send you snaps as well as who can view yours.