Be an Auditioning Bear

October 4, 2012

Ah, autumn…amber leaves, chimney smoke, pumpkin patches, college football games–and plenty of auditions! Seasons can be fickle, but the fall tends to be fat city when it comes to commercial casting. Casting facilities start to sizzle, production companies put their directors back to work, and ad agencies gear up for the holiday campaigns. Now is the time to be on your A game; now is the time to take action. I trust you used the slow summer months to update headshots, populate your resume, and upload an impressive actor’s reel. Good on you; but all of that’s for nil if you don’t recognize the market and the opportunities that it affords. Consider the bear. Bears hibernate during winter, but when the salmon are running, they get out there in freezing cold water to grab the bounty. Take your cue from nature, and grab every audition you can get your claws on.

This means you’ll need to put in the extra effort. You may have to take sick days at work, or get a colleague to cover your shift; now is the time to make those tough decisions because you gotta strike while the iron is hot. With the advent of digital technology, many calls are scheduled the same day as the audition. If you’re in Sherman Oaks around 4 p.m. and receive notice of an audition on the west side at 5 p.m., well, come Hades or high water, get your back side over there! Remember, the salmon don’t run all the time.

Listen, it can be a bit hectic, but it’s part of the actor’s job.  Live for the challenge!