Embrace your uniqueness

November 6, 2015

Checking out the other actors in the lobby before auditions is potentially dangerous to a performer’s self-confidence. If you overly concern yourself with the competition, you just might find yourself second-guessing a wardrobe choice, your look, your read, or your take on the part altogether. And entering the audition room riddled with self-doubt is not the way to go!

But this human tendency to compare oneself to others has plagued many of the best performers at various points in their careers. Take, for instance, Saturday Night Live comedian Bill Hader. SNL auditions require the performers to come up with six minutes’ worth of material, and Hader prepared for the challenge in his unique way. But as he went in for the audition, another comedian caught his eye. As he puts it:

“I remember getting into the elevator at 30 Rock next to a guy who had tons of props. It was Andy Samberg. I was really nervous because I hadn’t brought props, but later Andy said he was looking at me, going, ‘Oh man, that guy doesn’t need props!’”

Turns out the two comedians were both super talented in their own unique ways, and both were worthy of the show. So, this story serves as a reminder to drop the insecurities, and instead appreciate and fully own your authenticity! If something works for you, then go with it.