YouTube Star Alisha Marie Takes on Acting

October 30, 2017

Alisha Marie McDonal, best known as YouTube star Alisha Marie, has gained worldwide fame with over 6.4 million subscribers on her macbby11 channel and 2.3 million on her vlog channel vlogbby11. But now, besides being a wildly popular YouTuber, Alisha Marie can add “Actress” to her resume. Not long ago, she made a guest appearance on Disney’s comedy series Bizaardvark. Just afterward, she posted a video celebrating the good news, saying, “Most of you probably know this but not everyone. I never told you guys that I’m on Disney Channel!” She further explained, “I literally am making a cameo as myself. The funny part is, though, I think a lot of people forget that I’m still acting … Even though it’s me, it’s not me. But it was so much fun; I would love to do more stuff like this.” Alisha Marie’s Disney appearance came much to the delight of her many fans.

The 24 year old also recently appeared in Alyson Stoner’s music video The Boy Is Mine, and she models clothing for Hollister. It’s anyone’s guess what doors will open next for this rising star. And it should come as no surprise that People magazine listed her among their “Ones to Watch” this year. Besides her prolific YouTube accounts, Alisha Marie is a creative force maintaining a Twitter page with over 4 million followers and an Instagram account with 3.4 million followers.

Alisha Marie was born in Riverside County in California. She joined YouTube in April 2008 but started uploading her own videos in January 2011. She harnessed her great personality, sense of humor, and talent, and threw caution to the wind to see what would happen. Among her first entries were “Cute & Affordable Ways to Decorate Your Room!” “School Supplies Haul,” “Back to School Fashion Haul,” and “DIY Crop Top.” She progressed to creating humorous skits with her sister, Ashley Nicole, who is a YouTube star in her own right.

Alisha Marie combined her passions for fashion and beauty with her interest in film, and she consistently built upon her editing skills. She is known to shoot during the day and edit late into the night. She creates a steady stream of videos featuring her daily routines, makeup tutorials, life hacks, prank videos, room decor, affordable fashion ideas, collabs, and has come to be viewed as a fashion and beauty guru. One of her most popular videos is “FUNNY PRANKS!! ROOMMATE WARS!!” receiving over 24 million views.

Alisha Marie is not afraid to poke fun at herself. She creates humorous video clips of socially awkward situations she finds herself in when she’s around her crush or hilariously attempting to get into a pool without letting anyone at the party see her in a bikini. She has a real quality, and unselfconsciously vlogging without wearing makeup is a common occurrence.

With her likable personality, creative spark, and serious work ethic, it’s a safe bet that Alisha Marie was going to make something of herself one way or another. But experimenting with YouTube proved to be a good bet for this rising star.