Beware of Auditioning Tricks

October 30, 2013

strange-auditions.jpgVarious media outlets recently reported a news story that is certainly apropos for the Halloween season. It turns out an actor, whose name is being withheld at this time, went on an audition twelve years ago, and returned just this week. And that’s not the strange part; when questioned by the authorities the actor recounted a harrowing tale that could make you think twice about ever auditioning again! It was apparently a day like any other day, when Frank (not his real name) auditioned at a busy casting studio. But when he walked in the audition room, he found a stark white partition and nothing more. “Hello?” he asked. A resonant voice from behind the partition then instructed him to recite his lines. Frank obliged, delivering the lines of an apparent invocation, “Reducto Protego Imperio Repello.” The voice from behind the partition all but commanded, “Louder. Say it louder!” The actor complied, only to be met with complete silence. Frank asked, “Is anyone recording this? Am I on tape?”

Receiving no answer, Frank contends that he was about to leave, but curiosity overtook him. He just had to see who was behind that partition. Perplexed to find no one present, but noticing an archaic door, he opted to enter the strange portal. Once through, he saw what he describes as a “circus of frightening creatures.” These frightening creatures apparently included antagonistic goats who spoke in a language he’d never heard but could understand distinctly, mind-controlling aliens that implanted memories in his brain from another man’s life, and tattooed angels who were flying at him with persistent intent. Although his legs felt like concrete, and his new mind confused him, Frank eventually opened the door from which he came, only to find, “a thousand other doors in dozens of other rooms.”

Frank says he spent twelve years trying every door until he found the one that brought him back to the casting studio. Keep in mind, the authorities say that Frank has taken a series of lie-detector tests and passed all of them with flying colors. Reportedly, Frank is elated to be back, but his only regret is that he lost twelve years of pursuing his acting dream.

Don’t be like Frank; don’t lose twelve years pursuing your dream!

Psyche! Happy Halloween!!