Every Day’s a New Opportunity

January 4, 2013

“Morning has broken, like the first morning…” –by Eleanor Farjeon

It’s that time again; a new year is upon us, and all your dreams and goals are in sharp focus. You’ve emerged from the fog of holiday revelry, family, friends, feasts, and endless ball games as if from a dream. Everything in your life seems to have been at a standstill. Now it’s time to get to work, and get serious about your career. The new year is here, after all, right?

The Gregorian calendar, which is how we track the days of our lives in western culture, was created to calculate religious holidays. But the calendar itself has little to do with cosmic time. Cosmic time has no idea or a care of how we mark our trajectory here on earth. Therefore, a calendar can be seen as a self-imposed restriction: Fall is the busy season, summer is slow, and late December nothing is happening; malarkey! Time is happening all the time; opportunity is happening all the time; sowing and building are happening all the time.


We all have to live in a society that recognizes consistent work hours, holidays, and political terms; but why would you as an actor–indeed as an artist–adhere to someone else’s schedule? Just because the culture proclaims January 1st is the time to get it in gear doesn’t mean that program has to act as your personal iCal. Every day you wake is a new opportunity to pursue your dreams. Calendar benchmarks, although comforting, should have little or nothing to do with your particular timetable of accomplishment. The question really is, are you going to eschew man-made constructs and create your own calendar–a calendar that is in play at all times?

Make each day a time to stand tall in the present moment. Here’s to you making the most of each day of your life, your relationships, and your acting career!