Casting Frontier is happy to announce that we now give parents and guardians of minors the ability to add a work permit to the Casting Frontier profiles of their youths under the age of 18. As you know, all minors under the age of 18 are subject to child labor laws. So, prior to permitting a minor to work on set, employers must obtain a valid work permit allowing the young talent to be employed and work on the project.

Casting Frontier now provides a digital form to list work permit details so you can be ready for your next booking. To take advantage of this convenient feature, you can follow these simple steps:

How a parent or guardian can list a work permit number and expiration date

1. Log into your youth’s Casting Frontier profile;

2. Click “E” to edit the talent’s profile;

3. Locate the “Other” category;

4. Enter the following information regarding your talent: Has work permit? (click yes), then enter the work permit expiration date, and work permit number;

5. Click the Save button.

Or you can watch this instructional video created for agents and managers to add the permit data for the youths they represent. Please note that these professionals can access the permit-data fields via locating the “Kids” category–as opposed to parents/guardians who find the same information under the “Other” category–on the Edit Profile page.

We hope this new feature makes the casting process that much easier for you and your young talent!