Floyd Mayweather, Jr., aka “Money” “Pretty Boy” is a rare breed in the boxing game: he is undefeated. Mayweather has won seven world titles, and has been honored as Fighter of the Year in 1998 and 2007. He is also rated the best pound for pound boxer in the world by many sporting publications. By any standard, Money is at the top of his game…yet he eats like a lazy teenager! Fast food, candy, soft drinks–you name it, he eats it. And every fighter that’s stepped in the ring with Money has ended up on the business end of his skillful gloves. What is it that makes Pretty Boy so great he doesn’t have to adhere to the nutritional strictures of a top-ranked fighter? Confidence. Anyone who’s witnessed his fights or seen him interviewed knows he is one confident dude. Okay, okay, he may be a little arrogant as well. But whenever Floyd steps in the ring, he knows he’s going to win. It is a state of mind he constantly reinforces with his words, deeds, and actions. He will not tolerate losing. He’s eating a double whopper with cheese and a chocolate milkshake while his opponents are training on lean chicken, steamed vegetables, and a salad–but the outcome is always the same: Floyd’s glove raised at the end of the contest.

Can you imagine walking into an audition and knowing you were going to nail it? Having the supreme confidence you will impress everyone in the room hands down. How empowering would that be?! Confidence is a state of mind, and so it is achievable. Now, I’m certainly not telling you to have a big, greasy burger and fries before your audition, but I am saying personal confidence is a choice. Stuff comes up in life and it can really shake us: losing your wallet, having less than perfect skills or looks, getting into an argument with a loved one, or even global fears. Don’t let any of that impede your energy or your conviction. Go in there and wow them! Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee! You you have it in you, you just need the confidence to let out.