She books! Meet Nicolette Sweeny, an actress with momentum and Casting Frontier’s first “Member of the Month.” Nicolette tells Burgandi and Govind how she wrapped filming her scenes on an intriguing independent film, and she recounts the tale of recently landing a significant commercial job—all of which she booked through Casting Frontier. Also, actors can learn about becoming a CF Member of the Month in this 18th episode of The Curve.

When Nicolette moved to Los Angeles two years ago to attend UCLA and pursue acting, she got a Casting Frontier subscription hoping to put herself out there and start auditioning. 

“One of the things I love about [Casting Frontier] is their nationwide castings—they’re amazing,” she says. “They’ll also send you kind of these newsletters … Casting Frontier tells you even before you submit, it will send you these emails that say, ‘Hey, this week, we think these specific parts would be good for you. Here are self-tape kind of tips and stuff like that. So, I just found it to be the easiest. I found any other site to be complicated, so I started using it.” Nicolette also appreciates how Casting Frontier efficiently connects her account with her agent’s, as it streamlines their communication with one another.

Her most recent commercial role started off as a simple self-submission requiring no self-tape. As she progressed in the casting process, Nicolette discovered the job was shrouded in mystery. In fact, the actress only found out it was a gig for Google right before the shoot began.

Also, not long after moving to Los Angeles, Nicolette received an invitation for a nationwide casting call. It was for an independent film titled Skyman to be directed by none other than half of the directing team of the 1999 sleeper hit film The Blair Witch Project, Daniel Myrick. Two decades ago, his psychological horror popularized the use of found footage to reveal what happened to the main characters in the course of their journey. The $60,000-budget film soon became known as one of the most successful independent films of all times, grossing about $250 million across the globe. 

A long-time fan of the witchy film, Nicolette persistently pursued the opportunity to audition for Myrick’s upcoming Skyman. The actress says, “Sometimes you just have that little instinct of like … something about this just makes me feel like I kind of want to push for it, and then you should.”

Indeed, Nicolette emailed him each day for a week, and it paid off. Not only did she get to try out for the part, but the audition went great. She landed the role of Gina Campbell, the sister of a man who believes he experienced an alien encounter at 10 years of age while camping in the desert with his father, and he tries to reconnect with the UFO at the same location as an adult. The film’s release date is yet to be determined, but the trailer premiered at Sundance. 

Nicolette’s other work includes the short student film The Weight of Wind (2016) in which she portrays a diner waitress named Sadie; the 21-minute short Rip and Burn: Chapter 1 (2018) about a small-time loan shark who feels indebted to help his ex-girlfriend who’s gone missing; and she appeared in on Caso Cerrado, a Spanish-language court show broadcasted by Telemundo, similar to The People’s Court.

Becoming a Casting Frontier “Member of the Month”

Casting Frontier and Action Casting invite CF members to create self-tapes in order to be considered for Member of the Month. In turn, one member per month will receive a one-year CF Premium subscription and get a paid gig to boot. Our congratulations to Nicolette Sweeny this month! We’ll be keeping our eye on your career. And we can’t wait to see which talented actor will be featured next.

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