There’s the Gregorian calendar year, the Chinese calendar year, the Mayan calendar, and many other quantifiers of an epoch.  But an actor’s year is marked by the Annual Academy Awards.

Another year has passed, and this Sunday we’ll all be tuned in to see what the darlings of the film industry are wearing, we’ll laugh at their insider jokes, applaud the amazing performances, glean insights from riveting speeches, and hopefully, be inspired by their triumphs.

With all the hoopla, it seems to me the acceptance speeches are the portion of the show that truly engages and moves the populace along with the press. And for good reason; let’s face it, we all want to know how these luminaries got to the pinnacle of such an awe- inspiring and challenging career.

When you hear actors’ speeches, does that get you to thinking about what you might say if you had the grit, determination, talent, wherewithal and good fortune to bag an Academy Award? Who would you thank?  Would it be adlibbed or planned in advance? Thoughts of all those acting classes, headshots, auditions, acquired skills, odd jobs, commercials, and a variety of other projects you’d done would be swimming through your head. Think about it, you’d be so grateful you stuck with it and persevered through the minimizing comments like, “Oh, like everyone else in this town, you want to be an actor?”  

Hooray for those actors who actually get recognized! They’ve made the necessary
sacrifices to reach the top.  And whether anyone out there in TV land agrees with the decisions made Sunday night or not, they paid the price to be the best. Nobody gives it to you for free. At that level, you have to earn it.

Have you been crossing things off your to-do list on behalf of your acting career? No?! Get going!  Dare to dream! Think of yourself up there holding Oscar in your hands thanking everyone you know, and be grateful you’ve been given the talent and opportunity to act. Yes, there’s luck involved, but if you don’t put yourself in place to be lucky, well then, you are unlucky indeed. Get out that to-do list and start checking off items this Academy Awards year. Get new headshots, get in class, network, sing, do theatre, audition for a webisode–go, go, go!

There will be more Academy Awards–one year at a time. Hope to see you there!