Casting Frontier is thrilled to introduce our new YouTube series The Curve hosted by Burgandi Phoenix and Govind Kumar. Phoenix and Kumar are both proactive and motivated actors and were cast via CF Cast. Each week, they will interview entertainment industry insiders, innovators, and influencers—all from an actor’s perspective. Expect to learn tips and insights from agents, managers, casting directors, writers, producers, and more. Topics will include useful and up-to-date information to guide actors through the ever-evolving aspects of the casting process including how to self-tape and optimize headshots.

Meet The Curve’s hosts …

Burgandi Phoenix is an energetic actress who is originally from Tucson, Arizona. Having lived in Los Angeles approximately nine years, she’s acquired extensive training, acted in several independent feature films, and produced two short films for the 48 Hour Film Festival. Additionally, Phoenix penned her first feature film. Over the years, she’s acquired extensive training and has accumulated a lot of practical habits to maximize any opportunities that present themselves—like keeping her car stocked with fresh audition supplies at all times. Burgandi says, “The more you can learn about any subject, the more you can learn about what it really takes to get in the room and get called back multiple times, the more you can learn about what a great headshot is, the more you can learn about the actual secret to success, these are what [‘The Curve’] segments are going to be about.”

Govind Kumar left New York to pursue his acting dream in Los Angeles and has been in Tinseltown for just about a year. Now that he’s adjusted to the realities of transportation and parking in the Southern California cityscape, he’s ready to learn from industry insiders. “[‘The Curve’] is for any of you out there, any struggling actors having questions for people in the industry and how to succeed in this business. We’re in your shoes, and we’re using this as much as you are out there,” Kumar says. He’s acted in independent features as well as a comedy short, and he was glad he submitted an audition tape through CF Cast to host The Curve. “It’s just exciting to have an opportunity to grow along with anyone out there watching. We are going to ask the questions that we have wanted to know for so long,” Kumar says.

The Curve also features a way for viewers to have conversations with the hosts. That is, if you have questions to ask them or if you want them to ask the experts certain questions in future episodes, let them know in the YouTube comment section. Casting Frontier invites you to put in a request for specific industry professionals to be interviewed, and we’ll do our best to make it happen. So make sure you stay ahead of the curve by subscribing, following, and sharing this valuable new content on the Casting Frontier channel.

Next week, for starters, Burgandi and Govind will interview the internationally renowned acting coach, author, actor, and director, Bernard Hiller.

By the way, in case you’re not aware of CF Cast—that is, the way Phoenix and Kumar were cast for The Curve—here’s what you need to know: CF Cast is a free and simple way for casting directors and content creators to invite talent to record and submit self-taped auditions. CF Cast streamlines the casting call process, allowing actors to audition anywhere and at any time from their computer or mobile device. Learn more about CF Cast here to book your next role.