At Casting Frontier, our mission is to empower actors everywhere to catapult their careers forward with our simple, convenient online casting platform. But in addition to making it easy for actors to find auditions, apply to casting calls, and submit resumes online, we strive to be a resource for every facet of your acting career. One of the most important steps to securing a role is getting your headshots done right – and that means not only finding a great headshot photographer but communicating to them exactly what you’re looking for. 

Tips for Getting the Best Headshots

So you’ve found a photographer you love, you just got the perfect haircut, and you’re ready to take some headshots that will knock any casting director’s socks off. But if you really want to come away from your shoot with a great finished product, you’ll need to know how to tell your photographer exactly what you’re looking for. Here are a few tips for communicating with a photographer to ensure you get exactly the headshots you’re looking for: 


  • Know Your Types: It may feel safe to go for simple, professional-looking headshots, but that all depends on what you’re going for. After all, if you’re auditioning for the part of a career criminal, a headshot that looks like a LinkedIn photo will do you no good! Take some time to think about the characters you tend to audition and get hired for, then style your headshots so casting directors can picture you in that kind of role. 
  • Use Reference Images: While it’s important to talk to your photographer about what you’re looking for, remember that ultimately, photographers are visual creatures. Choose some reference images and sample headshots that match the aesthetic and tone you’re going for. The best option is to choose them straight from your photographer’s portfolio, but outside reference images can be just as helpful. 
  • Careful with the Photoshop: It’s expected that actors will do some light retouching and photoshopping to bring out their best features in a headshot. But the operating word here is light! Have your photographer do a bit of retouching to even out your skin tone, clean up stray hairs, and bring out the light in your eyes, but don’t go overboard. If a casting director sees a headshot so clearly airbrushed that your face looks like it’s made of plastic, they can’t trust what you’ll actually look like and won’t even bother calling you to audition for the role.

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These tips will help you prepare for your photoshoot and make sure you come away with the best headshots possible. And when you’re ready to put those headshots to good use, Casting Frontier can help! Our online casting platform makes it effortless to submit yourself to dozens of casting calls and auditions, all in one place. Boost your career by connecting with real casting directors: join Casting Frontier today!