Photos courtesy of Audrey and Bryce Willett / Photographer: Ajala @ The Headshot Truck

Casting Frontier hosted an Instagram Live on September 16, featuring Brian Confer, CEO of The Headshot Truck. The Headshot Truck is an all-inclusive, mobile photography studio specializing in headshots for actors and professionals, which offers a variety of packages. This Instagram Live featured a competition where two lucky winners, Audrey and Bryce Willett, won a free headshot session with The Headshot Truck! 


We touched base with Audrey, Bryce and Anne, their mother to find out more about their experience getting their headshots safely, and to find out what precautions and safety measures were enforced on that day.  


First, congratulations Audrey and Bryce Willett on your free headshot session with The Headshot Truck! Tell us a little bit about yourselves, Audrey and Bryce! 

Audrey:  I’m Audrey, 14 years old, currently a freshman at John Burroughs High School. I swim competitively and will be trying out for the water polo team. I also am an avid baker! 

Bryce:  I’m Bryce, I’m 11 years old and go to LBMS (Luther Burbank Middle School). I like to play games like Monopoly, Minecraft, Uno—games like that. I also like to swim non-competitively. Before COVID, I played soccer and basketball, and now in the mornings, I ride my bike with my dad, along with running with Audrey.  


As actors, what has been your favorite part or project to play or work on? 

Audrey:  At the summer camp I go to, DiscoveryOnstage, two years ago I played my first villain. At the camp, we all got to come up with our own characters. I was a vlogger and had a monologue where I realized I was the one hurting everyone. That was my favorite play! For modeling, I was the model for Mattel’s Disney Princesses line for many years.

Bryce:  I really, really liked the school variety show back at my elementary school! I was also the assistant stage manager and I had to help with props, which was really fun. For commercials, I booked my first job with Stitch Fix the first time I auditioned. The commercial first aired right before the Oscars, which was exciting! 


You both won a free headshot session from watching the Casting Frontier Instagram Live series for actors. How long have you both been a member of Casting Frontier? Do you book a lot of work through Casting Frontier?  

Bryce:  I’ve been a member for one year. 

Audrey:  My whole life! My first job I booked when I was 8 weeks old. It was a print job for BabyCenter Magazine, which focuses on new mothers. We both have representation so auditions come through them, but my mom does look at Casting Frontier almost daily. That’s how she saw that there was going to be an Instagram live about how to get headshots safely during COVID-19.  


We’d love to know what safety measures were taken per COVID-19 at your headshot session. 

Anne: Before the photoshoot, there were many calls to discuss the right time and date, that would fit in with the photographer Ajala’s schedule and the kids’ schedule, as our availability would differ. 

Before arriving, they asked all the COVID-compliant questions via telephone. They asked if we’ve come in contact with anyone with COVID-19 symptoms, if we are feeling any symptoms, and all of those crucial questions. The Headshot Truck team asked us if we were, to let them know and they would reschedule. 

The shoot took place on a Sunday and we happened to be the last headshot session on that day. When we arrived, we rang the doorbell, since we were the last session. If others were still in session, we would have had to call the team first.

Ajala, the photographer, was super warm and receptive from the minute we walked in. He pointed out all their safety measures, including a cart full of masks, hand sanitizer, gloves and more. They had a walkway system with tape on the ground, so that everything you needed was directly in sight, such as the clothing rack.

Bryce:  Ajala had a clear system where there was a pink piece of tape that went right around their equipment. He would say “I’ll stay inside my pink box.” He was very very funny and helped out a lot with our expressions for the photos. 

Audrey:  It was a really nice setup, because he had one monitor set up facing us, so that we could view the photos. He also had a mirror for the actor or parent within our taped area, so we could fix our hair or adjust anything ourselves. 


Tell us about the setup for the shoot. Were you inside or outside?

Anne: The shoot was indoors! The photographer had a mask on at all times, for safety. The room itself had two ceiling fans, AC and they kept the back door open for fresh air! 

They additionally had an exit system in place, so there was no crossover with others. They have everyone exiting the back and entering via the front door.


Were the background colors selected by you? Or did they give you suggestions and advice on which background to pick? 

Audrey:  Mainly Ajala picked them. When we arrived, I let him know I wanted to bring out the green in my eyes, and he was able to suggest the right colors to make that happen. He compared two colors at first, and decided which was best! He was great at letting us get a feel for different colors. 

Bryce:  They had so many colors! It was very organized from darker colors to light. He would say “We’re here to make sure everyone likes the end product.” 


How many outfit changes did you both have? Did you both have your hair and makeup done professionally, or on site? 

Audrey:  We both had three outfits, two favorites and a backup. Ajala weighed in and agreed with our choices. One outfit was layered, so we had a variety of looks, within that first outfit! 

Bryce:  The same as Audrey. I had one look with a jean jacket and shirt and had a complete wardrobe change into a blue dress shirt with a sweater to match. Ajala let us take off our jackets for the first look, letting us take multiple headshots with this one outfit. 

Audrey:  For makeup and hair, I had it professionally done in the morning, before arriving. As my agent always requests, I do one look with my hair pulled back in a ponytail and one with my hair down. 

Bryce:  I had my haircut done on Wednesday, a few days before the headshot session on Sunday. 


Did your photographer maintain at least a 6-foot distance at all times? 

Audrey & Bryce: YES! 

Anne: Ajala had a pink box marked out in tape that he stayed in during the shoot. The only time he would move from the box, was to change out the background color, and we remained 6 feet apart during that time.


Have you seen your photos since your session, or on the day of your session?

Audrey:  Both! We went through and looked to see if there were a lot of photos we liked, before changing into our second outfits. It was great to see each photo in real time—it just showed up on the monitor as the photos were being taken. I could glance over and see them. I LOVE the photos and think they turned out great!

Bryce:  I really, really like my photos because they show the contrast of my different looks mixed with the background. They really stand out! 


How quickly was the turnaround for seeing and receiving copies of your photos?  

Bryce: We got ours quick! Within four days. 

Audrey: All photos come digitally, in both high and low resolution. You get a copy of every photo taken from the session.



What else did you love about your headshot session with The Headshot Truck? 

Bryce:  Ajala did some very funny voices (high pitch, low pitch, medium pitch) to funny accents. All to help me react and have different expressions for the headshots. 

Audrey:  Ajala was really great with giving notes. At the end, he talked to me about what I can work on in future headshot sessions. For example, he suggested working on smiling with my eyes open, and he mentioned I can move more when taking photos, do different poses with slight variations, to open up my shoulders, and more! 

Anne: Everyone from The Headshot Truck team from start to finish has been fantastic! Brian is steering the ship, Kennedy is fielding phone calls, and Ajala is capturing great photos, giving real feedback and instructing you which colors to use—it’s all encompassing! Great direction from the photographer and a great headshot session with The Headshot Truck.


This interview has been edited and condensed. 


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Written by Hannah-Cate Rogerson