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Technical Support Tutorial & FAQs For Our Acting Managers & Agents Users

Casting Frontier has secured its place in the entertainment industry as the number one innovator of digital casting tools. In 2006, Casting Frontier starting changing how the industry works by integrating some of the latest technology to its online casting solutions platform to bring efficiency and ease to the casting process. Casting Frontier created a revolutionary audition-uploading system that allows casting directors to streamline their workflow.

To help introduce our users to the platform we have compiled a list of commonly asked questions along with a full hub of video tutorials to help you get started:

How do I sign up for an agency or management account on Casting Frontier?

Click here or the Join Now buttons on this page to visit our sign up page.

How do I contact Casting Frontier customer support as an agent or manager?

The agency and manager support team can be contacted at 323.300.6129 ext. 3 or by email at

What is my first step after receiving my agency or manager account from Casting Frontier?

Your first step is to ensure that all talent profiles are connected to your roster. Vital information should be present on each profile, including photos, resume, special skills, sizes, reel, voice samples, and action clips. After this, you will be able to easily submit them to casting calls and receive online audition notices.

How do I add talent to my Agency or Management account?

Agents and managers can create a new talent profile on Casting Frontier for any talent that does not exist in the database. Talent who already have an account on Casting Frontier can log in to their profile and add the name of your agency, or contact talent support by phone at 323.300.6129 or by email at It may be worth the time to ask your talent to sign up for a free Casting Frontier account using our easy acting application and add you as their talent or management agency.

How can my family share the same email on multiple accounts?

Families who wish to use the same email on multiple profiles can create new profiles for the additional family member(s) using an alternate email during the creation process. Once all profiles have been created, talent should then contact talent support by phone at 323.300.6129 or email at to update the accounts to one shared email that will receive casting calls and online audition information.

How do I add another employee to my account?

To add additional employees to receive email notices, email with the following details: first and last name, email address, username/password, and employee position.

Can agents and managers edit their talent’s profile information?

Representation can edit all aspects of a talent’s profile (i.e. photos, resume, special skills, sizes, videos, & voice reel), once they are linked to a Casting Frontier talent account.

How do I communicate to a Casting Director after I receive an online audition or callback for my talent?

Your Casting Frontier status page allows representation to confirm, cancel, notify talent, view confirmations, cancellations and chat with casting regarding online audition times and avails.

Call Our Dedicated Casting Frontier Support Team With Any Questions!

Casting Frontier has been offering online casting calls and auditions for more than a decade and to help you navigate the digital processes, we’ve created these online video tutorials to guide you. However, if you still have questions, our dedicated customer support team is standing by to help answer them and make sure you have a stress-free experience. Just give us a call at 323.300.6129 or email at with your question and we will answer it promptly. We look forward to helping you grow your agency and support your talent!

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